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Sleepy Time Thought 3/9/2012

I wonder what it must be like for a moderate conservative these days? For years, YEARS!, they’ve been denying what is perfectly obvious to us on the left: their entire movement is based on radical concepts like anti-contraception, anti-freedom, anti-regulation (even at a most basic level), anti-intellectualism, etc.

It was like telling them that Santa Claus wasn’t real and they were only five years old. Furious denial and anger, “We’re not all like that! It’s just the fringe, you can’t use such a broad brush!” But, to a certain degree, you are who you vote for. If you vote for a homophobic bigot that wants to install Christian Sharia law, you are, even tacitly, supporting their position. Especially if you do not actively oppose it.

But now, playtime’s over. The GOP has made it VERY clear what they stand for. They stand for hate and greed and control. They oppose contraception, not just abortion like moderates have been desperately claiming for decades. They oppose the very concept that a woman can have sex for pleasure without the worry of pregnancy. The GOP has made it abundantly clear that they stand by the rich and only the rich by opposing a tax cut for the middle class and screaming bloody murder over a three percent, THREE PERCENT!,  tax hike for the wealthiest Americans.

So when you look at Olympia Snowe and other conservatives like her that have no place in the Republican Tea Party, take a moment to pity them. But only a moment. After all, they let this happen. They let their party be consumed by fanatics and demagouges and no matter how many times the say it, both parties are not the same. That’s just their savaged ego and wounded pride speaking as they cannot comprehend how it’s come to this.


Sleep tight, you filthy scum!

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One thought on “Sleepy Time Thought 3/9/2012

  1. Our only hope is that the extremism and bigotry of the new Ratpublican’t party is SO over the top that the party will finally implode, close it’s doors and open the path for a new party somewhere to the Left of the Democrats.

    And since there is no comment section for it, let me say here, I love the new Faux Snooze jingle, so fitting. I plan to “borrow” that for talking to my few conservative family members. I have no conservative friends, but ya cannot choose family (sigh)

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