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They’ll let ANYBODY start a blog these days!!

Yes, it’s true. I’ve started my own official blog. Be afraid…be very afraid…

The actual intent is to have someplace to upload podcasts so you liberal savages can listen to me rant and rave but I wouldn’t mind having something to fall back on when Facebook melts down someday. I’m still debating that one. Stay tuned as I figure all this fun stuff out!

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6 thoughts on “They’ll let ANYBODY start a blog these days!!

  1. I’ve already subscribed, my friend. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Good luck Justin, I hope you get millions of subscribers, and one day incite the start of the liberal rebellion resulting in a million Republican BBQ (hopefully eating them won’t leave as bitter a taste in your mouth as listening to them does ;D)

  3. Vanina Slater on said:


  4. Ryan Mergen on said:

    Why do you have santorum down there when you scroll to the very bottom of your blog?

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