Proud to be a Filthy Liberal Scum

Loud, Proud and I don't care about hurting a conservative's feelings!

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast Episode 1

As my very first podcast, cut me some freaking slack!!! 🙂 I talk about Rush and why he’s getting hit so hard after all these years of verbal sewage, Climate Change denial by Sen. Inhofe, Michael Crichton and…me (sort of) and Andrew Breitbart’s final fizzle.

Open the link and right click on the file to save or just listen to it right off the site!

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast Episode 1

Haven’t quite figured out how to put this on iTunes yet so bear with me.

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5 thoughts on “The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast Episode 1

  1. I enjoy you filthy liberal scum. Although I have kinder names for you. Brave warrior. Smart liberal information

  2. JK Cooksey on said:

    Well, I enjoyed it! I agree with almost all of the blog, although I never wandered off into the wilderness with the Climate Change Deniers. I look forward to hearing more from you in your future podcasts – thanks!!

  3. Stephen G. Ford on said:

    I tried listening to Michael Savage once… I made it through about 3 minutes without SCREAMING at my computer and shutting it off… if RUSHBO’S horseshit gets THAT THING to be minus a few advertisers it can ONLY be a GOOD THING!

  4. You did us filthy Liberal scum proud!

  5. I like it! You just need to get that other guy on your show to shut you up sometimes when you start rambling a little bit (like the lengthy discussion on your perception of the seasons throughout your lifetime – lol, I think we get it… we lived through them too) I like it though, I’d love to listen more… Keep it up!

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