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Sleepy Time Thought 3/11/2012

Today marks the one year anniversary of the tsunami that devastated the northeastern coast of Japan. If ever there were a reminder that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, natural disasters are it. A hurricane will lay waste to a city. A volcano will burn the entire countryside. A tsunami will kill tens of thousands or, in the case of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami, hundreds of thousands.

Yet, we allow private interests to place millions more at risk by building nuclear power plants in unsafe locations without adequate safeguards. We’ve built nuclear power plants on top of fault lines here in the US. The Fukishima power plant was not prepared for an earthquake (9.0) of that magnitude, never mind the follow up tsunami. Yes, such earthquakes are rare but they’re not THAT rare. But it was deemed an “acceptable risk.” Whose risk is that precisely? Is it the shareholder’s risk? The CEO’s? Sure, they lose some money or resign in disgrace. Wow. How horrible.

How about the risk of the people that live nearby? Are they being compensated for that risk? Of course not. They get nothing until something goes wrong and destroys their lives. They receive a pittance for their lost possessions and “inconvenience” assuming they even survive. What about their community? What about the roots they planted in their hometown? Can money replace the home they grew up in? Can it replace the memories of a first kiss on the corner of I Used To Live Here Blvd. and Not Anymore Rd.? All the money in the world cannot replace those moments in time. It’s a terrible thing to have your life erased or altered beyond recognition by corporate greed and irresponsibility. Corporations march to the tune of the bottom line and broken lives pave the road. We’re not against success. We never were. We’re against success at the expense of others.

I will repeat this until I am blue in the face: A “free market” is never free. There’s always a cost and it’s more often than not measured in human suffering.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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One thought on “Sleepy Time Thought 3/11/2012

  1. Here near Seattle, we are watching, via the local news, the approach of the raft of flotsam washed out to sea in Japan by the tsunami. And I have to say that I am thunderstruck by some of what has been reported. Here is a pile of garbage fit to fill a landfill coming our way, complete with boats, fishing gear, anything that floats, some with identifying registration marks visible, and Japan is saying “There is no way to prove that garbage came from us.” It’s not like we are demanding they pay to clean it up. Hell, salvaging store wrack like this for profit has gone on for over a millennium! They always say follow the money on any issue and you’ll find your answer, but for the life if me, I don’t see how Japan’s denial profits them any.

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