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How to make a conservative stick their fingers in their ears and yell “Lalalalala! I can’t HEAR you!”

“But…but…but Fox News said Obama caused the recession before he was even elected! How DARE you say that’s not true?!

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7 thoughts on “How to make a conservative stick their fingers in their ears and yell “Lalalalala! I can’t HEAR you!”

  1. melvin (dwayne) on said:

    Fox airing false imfo like that (Obama starting the recession) must be targeting listeners who are just now discovering the political war we are now facing. new nieve listeners to brain wash for the gop ! Hopefully these people know better and or know to research for facts and not be persued by republican nazi style propaganda and lies .

  2. I know the type

  3. Debbie Perry on said:

    Yeah, but try to tell that to a Repub. They will listen to nothing.. Obama is still, afterall a Muslim…..hahahaha! Would be funny if it weren’t true that’s what they think.

  4. Roberts Kathleen on said:

    What really gets me is that otherwise intelligent people who I know to be intelligent have this slanted thinking when it comes to Obama, Limbaugh and what is real on the political front. In particular, I have 2 female people in my life. A very dear friend and my sister who listen to Rush like he was not a low life scumbag but as if whatever he said was true. I just can’t get my head around where they are coming from. Especially after this last fiasco of name calling.
    Still, they refuse to give the President any credit for everything he has done so far with the mud pie he was handed.
    And I can’t even explain it on the race thing because they all get red in the face and deny that is the reason but try to pull Fox Neux bites out of a hat to explain. Of course, none of it is even remotely true or factual but that doesn’t stop them and like I said before I just cannot understand why they are so blind about this.

  5. Bruce C. Miller on said:

    Which is why the Conservative meme at this point is: Well, yes, Obama did help, but if we had followed OUR recommendations, the recovery would have been so much better.

  6. Jessica on said:

    Republicans never listen anyway. They believe the lies that Faux noise spits out. Hopefully, some people have woke up about the recovery and realize it’s because of Obama that we are doing better.

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