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Sleepy Time Thought 3/12/2012

Oh Texas, you bastion of racism, homophobia and general redneckery! Or are you? Well, yes, you are, but for how much longer? The “browning of America” that so terrifies the right is in full evidence in the Lone Star State. As the main entry point for Hispanic immigrants (legal and otherwise), Texas is rapidly losing its whiteness and conservativeness with it. Some estimates have Texas turning “purple” in as few as ten years. Once that happens, the GOP is well and truly screwed. Texas is their bedrock for the GOP presidential race. It allows conservatives to cling to the fantasy that the Mid-West and South are the “Real America” and the rest of us are just pretenders. It allows them to tell themselves that more of the country is “Red” because the coastal states are smaller on the map, like so:

Hmmmm…looks pretty Red to me! Maybe the country really IS more conservative! Naaaahhh. Not even close. New York alone is worth seven upper Mid-Western states. That’s the fallacy of the “Heartland of America” meme; The “Heartland” is sparsely populated. Red states occupy a largerĀ percentageĀ of the country but rocks and trees don’t vote. People do. Take away Texas and the GOP is crippled. Hell, without it, they wouldn’t even have won 2000 OR 2004 when the GOP had a very cooperative “liberal” press telling the public how terrible the Democratic nominees were.

That’s why Texas is THE state to watch for voter suppression. If it becomes unreliable, the GOP may never hold the White house again and they know it. And now so do you!

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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One thought on “Sleepy Time Thought 3/12/2012

  1. I’m tired of being nice to Republicans. I was nice even though they put Clinton through 8 years of Hell. I was nice when they Swift Boated Kerry. I was nice when they called me a Commie, a traitor, a coward, when I said that there were no WMD’s. I have been nice throughout the Obama birther BS and all of the Repugs doom and gloom. I am tired of being nice to Republicans.

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