Proud to be a Filthy Liberal Scum

Loud, Proud and I don't care about hurting a conservative's feelings!


As I’m catching up on my Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, I just heard conservative pundit, David Selig, repeat the comparison between food stamps for families on the rocks and not feeding wild animals because it makes them dependent.

Let me clarify that for you (as if I needed to): Conservatives would have us believe, deep down (OK, not so deep) that if you are on public assistance you are little better than an animal being taken care of. Got that? That applies to EVERYONE, including you conservatives currently on food stamps. Yes, you too! What? Because you’re not black or a liberal it’s OK for you to be on public assistance? Oh nononono! It doesn’t work that way! You’re a mooch! A leech! A parasite! Now go vote for the people that want to take away that assistance you’ve been relying on and just pull yourself up by the bootstraps!


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