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Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself / George Bush Bungled Katrina Even Worse Than I Could Have Imagined

Know what the worst part about this is? I’ve never heard, not once!, that we got aid from other countries for Katrina. NOT ONCE! What’s even worse? I went and looked to see just how much was offered and from who. The list is enormous! Yet, in a time of international solidarity where dozens of countries offered their help (most, if not all, of whom have received aid from the US in a time of need or disaster), the Bush administration turned away almost 95% of it. New Orleans STILL hasn’t fully recovered but we turned away hundreds of billions in aid…why? Because we’re America and we don’t need no stinkin’ help? Bush and his cronies should all be forced to live in the still  unreclaimed parts of NO. Let’s see how fast it gets fixed up then.

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7 thoughts on “Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself / George Bush Bungled Katrina Even Worse Than I Could Have Imagined

  1. Just think how rich they could have made their contractor friends with that money too, tsk tsk.

  2. The Japanese Government are giving the Bush Administration a run for their money WRT mismanagement of funds and slow response. It took them 11 months, almost 12 months to release the majority of funds for rebuilding Tohoku. However, they have been gratefully accepting aid from overseas, including a goodly amount from the US, both from public and private sources. The average Nihonjin’s respect for the US has gone up considerably from America’s response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

  3. We have close family in NOLA. Daughter #2 damn near stayed for Katrina. We talked her into leaving with 2 hours to spare.

    It has been a long time since I had thought about this topic. It angered all of us when Bush declined to accept so much help. Folks in LA and MS are still angry. Of course, most of them are angry at The Gubamint, instead of being angry at the guy who made it worse instead of better. So they will blissfully vote Republican, because Republican politicians are ‘against government’. If such folks get their wish, we won’t have any choice for some future hurricane.

    We will have to accept Cuba’s help.

  4. I had heard that Israel rushed stuff over, but Israel always does that for everyone. It actually never occurred to me to check who else did what if anything. How horrible that Katrina was TWICE bungled!

  5. Robyn Ryan on said:

    I moved to New Orleans 11 months after Katrina. I had bought an investment/retirement home there 2 months before.

    We were told that we ‘deserved’ what happened to us. Which happened to be a man made disaster caused by shoddy levee building.

    We’re still in dire straits because America worships money above all.

    Contractors pick at the bones and the Black community was savaged by their own religious leaders.

    Developers diverted money from repaving roads and repairing infrastructure to riverside parks and monstrous medical centers.

    We have no parks. We have no hospitals. We have little public transit.

    What we do have, we have in spite of our government.

    We are busy trying to build lives with a little dignity and meaning.

    We are trying to live with the terrible truth that we were abandoned by our country.

  6. Julie on said:

    Lots of low-income housing on the MS Gulf Coast, but still no grocery store in Bay St Louis or Waveland. No jobs, so peeps either go to N.O. or Biloxi/d’Iberville/ Mobile to work. Can’t keep the low-income housing filled because there aren’t jobs other than WalMart (20 hrs at about minimum wage).
    As we drive through our neighborhood 6 1/2 years after Katrina made landfall in our backyard, we see so many houses that are literally falling down, and other places where entire houses just disappeared on 08/29/2005. We had 34 feet of “storm surge” here where we live as well as the hurricane winds. The winds blew off the roofs and siding, but Insurance Companies blamed all damage on water. Then we got raped again by contractors from our own area and others who came in, loving the almighty dollar more than ethical behavior. Sheetrock that was $8 on 08/28 at Lowe’s was $14 – $25 on 08/30.
    Our home was finally rebuilt by volunteers from Penna, Ohio, Kentucky, and from all over the USA. Thank heavens that some American’s are still good people. Too bad that power corrupts; IMHO, that’s the problem with our politicians – they are bought and paid for before they even get into office. And that goes from the local level all the way up to the top. Love of money distorts how one sees others. Others become things instead of equals and the money is more important than people.

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