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Sleepy Time Thought 3/13/2012

Sometimes I look at my son, Jordan, with his mild autism and I wonder: How would they have dealt with him 50 years ago? Or 100? Would he have been treated like he was mentally retarded? Would he have been beaten “for his own good?” Put into an institute? What about the kids that are not so mild? What about the cases where the child lashes out violently because they cannot self regulate? What about the child that withdraws because the outside stimulus is too much? Would they have been thrown into prison as violent criminals or treated as insane?

I think about that and it makes me wonder how we were ever such savages to those who clearly need help, not punishment or negligence. Then I wonder how people 100 years from now will view us and I come to the same conclusion: They’ll think we were savages. But that’s the nature of progress; as long as we struggle to move forward we can improve our knowledge and grow as a people. And that’s what makes me fight so hard against the regressive policies of the right. They don’t want to move forward. They “want their country back” to a time where it was better for them. “Them” being white, Christian and bigoted.

I look at them, shake my head in pity and turn my back. Let “them” wallow in the mud of the past, I have a future to build for my children.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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One thought on “Sleepy Time Thought 3/13/2012

  1. My “adopted” son has Asperger’s and my daughter has ADHD. It was a long, long road getting to diagnoses. My son is often viewed as hostile or antisocial or weird. My daughter is extremely impulsive and can overwhelm those around her with her constant moving about and expressing herself. Oddly, the two of them have no problem being with each other. She’s his defender and will rain down hellfire from her mouth if anyone dares to screw around with him. He has learned to tolerate more physical touching and has become quite popular with the girls. The two of them needed each other probably more than they needed me.

    I don’t know what either of them would have done, if they had been born a couple of generations ago, or to different parents. I know for sure that my daughter would probably be in a juvenile prison and he’d have been placed in psychiatric care. Instead they are thriving 16 year old young adults with a wonderful life to look forward to.

    Yeah, I know I totally jacked another one of your threads, but I hope you won’t mind. Seeing you talk about your son made me think about my kids. This is them, by the way:

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