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Want To Murder Someone? Make Sure They’re Black.

What the frakk is wrong with this country?

On February 26,  a kid named Trayvon Martin was visiting his dad in Sanford, FL, just outside Orlando. So he and his dad are watching the NBA All-Star game and at halftime, his little brother wants some candy. Trayvon heads out to the convenience store and picks up some Skittles and an iced tea. He’s a junior in high school in Miami who wants to be an aviation mechanic.

As he’s walking home, a car starts following him. The man driving the car is watching him. Trayvon finally turns and says, “What’s your problem?” The problem is he “walks in a suspicious way” – and the guy in the car is a 26 year old neighborhood watch captain who has been stalking him from the convenience store. When Trayvon confronts him, the man gets out of his vehicle and they get into some kind of shoving match. The shoving match ends with the unarmed teenager dead on the ground within sight of his dad’s front yard.

Call me crazy, but at 26, no unarmed baby faced 17 year old was capable of making me feel threatened enough to raise my voice much less pull out my manly gun and shoot him down like a dog. This “neighborhood watch” guy was itching to go all vigilante on someone and he got away with it (so far). Why? Because he’s white and the person he murdered was just some black kid, of course.

Do you think that’s being harsh?

Imagine the roles were reversed and I told you the kid was white and the man was black. In what universe could imagine the man would NOT be in jail right now?

Yeah, we’re a post racial nation, all right.

Read the details here.

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3 thoughts on “Want To Murder Someone? Make Sure They’re Black.


  2. Jennifer on said:

    Not at all harsh – The guy is clearly a racist scumbag who was just dying to use his handgun on a “real” perpetrator. I hope they throw the book at him. I don’t know what Florida’s gun laws are but most neighborhood watch committee’s are advised not to get involved and to simply just call and report the behavior to the police – the asshat could have called 911 – he chose not to – carrying a firearm shows premeditation in my book – he should be looking at murder 2 in my book.

  3. The 1D10T had already decided the kid was “trouble” right from the time the kid was in the convenience store. He wanted a reason to show why his “neighborhood watch” was needed because “them types” are in the neighborhood and we aint safe because of it.
    Just another uneducated but armed idiot looking for a (to him) legitimate excuse to shoot someone to show how tough on crime they are, even when the only crime is his “preventing crime” by murdering an innocent boy. He needs a 25 to life sentence in a super-max hole.

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