Proud to be a Filthy Liberal Scum

Loud, Proud and I don't care about hurting a conservative's feelings!

Sleepy Time Thought 3/14/2012

So every now and then I run into that rarest of rare creatures: a conservative that hasn’t been driven insane or underground. Meet Candes King-Meisenheimer. She’s a conservative, homeschooling mother of six with three of them dealing with various levels of autism. She was raised survivalist style and had a bit of a time adjusting to life in what we consider “normal society.” She currently lives on a farm, is into guns and despite having every reason to be a raving madwoman, convinced that Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim Nazi Zombie servant of Cthulu, she’s a moderate. She doesn’t fear The Gay. She doesn’t think liberals want to turn America over to Sharia law. She doesn’t think the Bible should replace the Constitution and she doesn’t despise me and The Irish Wench regardless of the fact that we are both frothing liberals.

Personally, I think it’s because she writes science fiction (among other things) for a living. Did I forget to mention that? Science fiction is the art of projecting currents trends into the future. The current Republican future is ugly and bleak. She has a series of books coming out soon(ish). I’m still trying to convince her send me authographed copies so when she’s all famous and stuff I can sell them on Ebay and put my kids through college. Or buy a nice car. Either way…

Anyway, Candes looked at the future Rick Santorum represents and wrote a lovely “fuck you” article to him that you should read. She’s waaaaay nicer about it than I would be, but the point is the same: conservatives do not want decades old culture wars, they want real answers to real problems. Sure, there will always be the fanatic base that demands an ideological purity they, themselves, do not live up to but the majority are not raving lunatics. Now if they would just rise up and shout down the crazies, the GOP might start to make sense again. Until they do, people like Rick Santorum the Christian Crusader and Mitt Romney the Poor Little Rich Boy will continue to misrepresent them.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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