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How Republicans Can Prove, Once And For All, That They Are Not Racist

Continue to support Birthers after 2016. That’s right, I said  support Birtherism. Why? It’s simple really: President Obama is going to win in November. Unless he’s caught setting a hobo on fire or is assassinated, let’s take it as a given that Birtherism won’t go away while he’s still in office. We will still have the ridiculous attempts to undermine the legitimacy of his administration by the less than subtle insinuation he’s not a “real” American. Arizona is trying to pass yet another law to this effect. Via TPM:

This time, an Arizona legislative committee is pushing a measure that would require presidential candidates to fill out an eligibility form before they can be put on Arizona’s ballot. The state’s Secretary of State Ken Bennett is behind the measure, whose spokesperson said, “There has been a lot of media attention devoted to this, so we wanted to make sure there is a standardized form.”

How does continuing to support Birtherism prove that they’re not racist, you say? Well, after Obama leaves office in 2016, the next president will be white. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Democrat or a Republican, he (or possibly she, but don’t get your hopes up) is going to be white. So, if all these little laws demanding proof of citizenship are really on the up and up like their proponents claim and not just poorly concealed racism, then there is no reason whatsoever that they should stop putting so much effort in to getting them passed after Obama is gone. See? They weren’t based on racism after all? They really just want to protect the integrity of the system!

But there’s not a chance in hell Republicans will keep at it, will they? By 2016, there will be nary a peep about “proof of citizenship for all presidential candidates.” At least until a Hispanic runs. Of course, the “liberal” media will forget alllll about this ugly chapter in GOP politics and pretend that, gosh no, who could say that Republicans run on racism? Perish the thought!

But I’ll remember. And so will you. And thanks to the wonders of the internet, it will all be on record for future conservatives to ignore until we shove it down their lying, racist throats.

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2 thoughts on “How Republicans Can Prove, Once And For All, That They Are Not Racist

  1. It still amazes me how these birther idiots conveniently ignore the fact that the 2008 election DID in fact have a candidate who was born outside the United States. His name was JOHN McCAIN.

  2. Roberts Kathleen on said:

    Oh Justin, you are such an optimist. Really, I have yet to hear one of my GOP friends or relatives admit that they were wrong about something political, even when faced with cold hard facts to that. I , quite frankly, think that they would almost rather die facing a firing squad than admit that one of their extreme views, ideas, beliefs, etc could even possibly be in error. If it weren’t so scary that they are so fanatical about it, it would be comical. In politics as in every other area of their lives, if they change their stance on something, they do it as if they had always done it but without any mention of the way they previously professed to believe. If confronted about this, they will either blame it on outside or inside pressure to conform or deny ever believing like that EVER. example is the deep south. If asked if they are still racist they will most likely deny ever being such or avoid the question so that they won’t have to answer. However, when asked questions which directly relate to racism they will unfailingly answer in a racist manner. Like the recent poll before the primaries where a majority still didn’t believe in interracial marriage and the same type of percentage still believe that the President is a Muslim. And my guess that there is no amount of education that will change any of these viewpoints unless they are removed from the environment they are born into as infants and raised in a liberal-minded society away from the bigoted, racist, homophobic, atmosphere that still exists in so many pockets of this country. And of course, since they (Santorum, etc) are preaching that colleges indoctrinate students to the godless liberalism probably nothing is going to change for the better in the very near future and I’m an optimist who was a hippy from the 1960s.

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