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How You Can Tell The Occupy Movement Is A Threat To The Status Quo

The sheer violence and hostility directed at a bunch of people chanting slogans, banging on drums and sitting in tents is the single most telling piece of evidence that the Occupy movements across the country have the powers-that-be deeply disturbed.

Think about it: The Tea Party showed up with guns at a  presidential speech and nothing happened. No pepper spray. No beatings. No arrests. They held up signs boldly stating that they were prepared for violence and revolution. Nothing happened to them. They screamed into bullhorns (hey, aren’t those illegal? They are if you’re a liberal protesters) that they were getting their “Second Amendment solutions” ready. Not even a ticket was issued.

Why? Because the imbeciles of the Tea Party, within weeks of their suspiciously well choreographed start, were co-opted by the corporations to protest exactly the opposite of what they started off as. Oh yes, the Tea Party had quite the beef against Wall St. greed. Somehow, though, it turned into “We hate the government!” and “Stop raising our taxes!” and “Keep your gub’mint hands off my Medicare!”


Occupy, on the other hand, has not fallen prey to this. They have repeatedly turned away big money donors that wanted to give money with strings attached. It’s still completely decentralized and, despite what Fox would have you believe, this is a central message: Get Big Money Out Of Politics. And it’s working. A year ago we were all being forced to discuss “austerity” and how much we (“we” meaning the 99%) had to sacrifice to clean up Wall St.s’ mess. Now we’re discussing income inequality and not allowing the corporations to steal our country.

There’s a whole mess of lesser demands, too (“Save the Spotted Owl!”). But that’s to be expected with liberals who can’t agree what shade of blue the sky is but will agree that it is, indeed, blue. We’re very annoying that way. But the overriding message is returning our democracy back to the people. That is why they are attacked, brutalized, harassed and threatened at every opportunity. The Tea Party reinforced the status quo, Occupy threatens it.

Occupy Spring is going to be ugly and violent.

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2 thoughts on “How You Can Tell The Occupy Movement Is A Threat To The Status Quo

  1. Damn right! Welcome to the American Spring Beginning in Atlanta, Georgia! Happy Anniversary OWS! at 11:00am.

  2. Ya’ gotta love it! Those paranoid geeks must be darn near wetting themselves at this point!

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