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Stop Raping People, Tea Party! Stop Raping People!

Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself!

It turns out a spokesman for the San Diego Tea Party, Michael Kobulnicky, is under arrest for kidnapping a 56 year old woman and sexually assaulting her. So, according to the dead and unlamented Breitbart and the rest of his disgusting ilk, the SD Tea Party is now fully culpable for this criminal act.

When do you suppose will post a full throated condemnation of the entire Tea Party movement as animals and rapists? I’m sure it’s coming any second now…


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3 thoughts on “Stop Raping People, Tea Party! Stop Raping People!

  1. Larry on said:

    I didnt see you make posts about STOP RAPING PEOPLE OCCUPIERS, STOP RAPING PEOPLE…OWS even raped their own protestors AT their own protest a half dozen at a time nationwide….This guy is just 1 lone former TP member….I think you could use a reality check…Sorry to point out liberal hypocrisy on your liberal love fest page.

  2. Jessica on said:

    Unfortunately this isn’t surprising behavior from the tea party. They hate women, and they hate the middle and working class people. Nice family values there, Tea Party.

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