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Miss Universe Canada Appears To Have Banned A Transsexual Contestant

I’m still looking into this story and have not received a response back from the event organizers but Jenna Talackova was accepted as a finalist and now her name and profile have been removed from the Miss Universe Canada’s website. I know some people are squeamish about this sort of thing but seriously, look at her:

Call me sexist but who wouldn’t want to see her in a beauty pageant?! I’d pay good money to meet the man or woman that can tell she had conversion surgery when she was 19. That would be a neat trick. Even Rick “I’m aghast!” Santorum wouldn’t be able to tell…

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16 thoughts on “Miss Universe Canada Appears To Have Banned A Transsexual Contestant

  1. She’s gorgeous, but the rules are clear…a man becoming Miss Universe was never the intentions of the founders. I’m not against homosexuality. I believe in live and let live. Miss Universe should definitely be a woman by birth. Just like a woman shouldn’t be the representation of all men on earth.

    • Charlotte on said:

      Technically, SHE’s not a man anymore…..

    • Gender/Sex has nothing to do with sexuality. What about genetic variations and intersexed conditions? The problem is that we are beginning to recognize that the old way we determined someone’s sex is not all encompassing and that much more variation exists. Women with AIS, for example.

  2. If’s she’s a man, I’m gay.

  3. @Benny
    But she’s not a man, and clearly doesn’t look like or identify as a man. Jenna has every right to be a part of that pageant. She worked hard to be the woman she is now, and it’s sad to see that she still isn’t accepted by people. :/
    Also, homosexuality has nothing to do with this. I think you’re talking about transsexuality, which, if you’re not against it, you should be supporting those who are transsexual/gender, instead of not accepting them as they are.

  4. Courtney on said:

    She’d be very upset to hear you call her a man. She may be MALE by birth, but she is not a man. She is a woman.

  5. Mayrose on said:

    If the rules ban cosmetic surgery to enhance the contestant’s appearance, then its fair. But that would have to be enforced for all the contestants.

  6. Tea and sympathy on said:

    I am a woman and born that way and I still can’t agree to that at all. She was born a woman in a man’s body. She had to go through so much just to get to a point where she could actually do everything she is capable today. Do you know most transgendered people don’t survive, between the medical, social and psychological dangers it is a miracle she survived. We shouldn’t punish her just because her gender assignment from birth was wrong. I say let her in, if she is a woman in every sense of the word, then so be it. If she is half way to being a woman, then it would be a different scenario, at that point there are other contests she could participate and win.

  7. Ms. Talackova should be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe Canada contest. I’m a woman, and I admit that I have no real interest in beauty pageants at all, but why shouldn’t this woman be allowed to compete? Also, no offense Benny Deleon, but you’re a bit confused about what a trans-woman is and isn’t. She is not a homosexual, she is not a man, she is a woman. She may not have started life in a female body, but her identity, her core sense of herself has always been female. Many people confuse homosexuality and gender identity, but they are quite separate. And one further thing, if she were a gay woman, would she be allowed to compete? I think so!

  8. I highly doubt the rules ever said had to be female at birth. Some people just will make things up to make themselves look not so bad when in reality, they are even worse and more bigotted than a Klan member with a load of alcohol in him.

  9. I think this is Wrong? She is now legally a woman. So she have the right to be in the Miss Universe I think she should Take this matter to court!

  10. dru prinzen on said:

    look up sexuality and then look up gender. I think you will have your answer if you look deep enough and do what’s right.

    • Okay, everyone thinks I’m wrong because I consider a transexual the same as a homosexual. Fair. I accept that SHE is no longer a man legally and physically. Fair. But when I said I’m not against it. I meant it. You have every right to be who you want to be. Define your sexuality. Define your body. Everyone should have mastery of who they are and who they want to be. No one should accuse me of confusion. I was very clear in that I live and let live. But Miss Universe was and is intended for a woman to win. Dilute yourself however you feel is comfortable for you, but that was never meant to include men who cosmetically change their bodies to look exactly like a woman. Yes, She is a woman now. But SHE was born a HE. He was born that way. His life went in the direction that convinced him he’s a woman. Fine with me. No one in this blog can ever look at a baby and predict sexuality. We are all born Carte Blanche.

      • aredee on said:

        Sexuality is completely different than gender. I transitioned “male” to female and I am attracted to women. Which makes ME homosexual. None of us know if the girl banned from the pageants is straight or gay.

      • aredee on said:

        Also, she was never male and the “cosmetic” surgery your speaking of isn’t even remotely the most important part of transitioning.

      • Your right. I see now. No jokes. Why don’t they accept her as a woman? Wow, I wish I had seen it sooner. Then again. Who cares what they think? She is fine as wine and I’m sure everyone she sees sees that and loves her for it and many many reasons more. Thank you for not being blind…you’ve opened my eyes.

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