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Paul Krugman Continues To Poke The GOP In The Eye

Paul Krugman makes me happy. Why? Because he responds the GOP’s “criticism” of  Obamacare with this:

Can such a system (Obamacare – FLS) work? It’s already working! Massachusetts enacted a very similar reform six years ago — yes, while Mitt Romney was governor. Jonathan Gruber of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who played a key role in developing both the local and the national reforms (and has published an illustrated guide to reform) has surveyed the results — and finds that Romneycare is working pretty much as advertised. The number of people without insurance has dropped sharply, the quality of care hasn’t suffered, and the program’s cost has been very close to initial projections.

Oh, and the budgetary cost per newly insured resident of Massachusetts was actually lower than the projected cost per American insured by the Affordable Care Act.

Given this evidence, what’s a virulent opponent of reform to do? The answer is, make stuff up. (emphasis mine)

Krugman is absolutely fearless when it comes to calling out the GOP on its bullshit. He is a true filthy liberal scum. He just doesn’t care about hurting a poor wittle conservative’s feelings. And best of all, his arguments are based on rock solid evidence, what the right fears more than anything. Once upon a time, the media did this as well. Lo, that it should be so again…


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