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Soundtrack To An Execution

It must be great to be a white man down south. You can get a gun, appoint yourself captain of the neighborhood watch and execute a black teenager, all without getting arrested. Now that’s white privilege! If the previous sentences made you feel ill, congratulations! You’re still a human being. If you’re first reaction was “what was the black kid doing that he got shot,” congratulations! The Sanford Police Department is looking for a few good (white) men.

It’s been three weeks since 17 year old Trayvon Martin was shot for the crime of walking while black and his murderer, George Zimmerman still walks free. This is the same guy that said on the 911 call, “”These assholes, they always get away.” It bears repeating as many times as possible: Zimmerman’s freedom is wholly contingent on his color. There is not a city, town or hamlet in this country in which, if the roles were reversed and a 26 year old black man took it upon himself to confront a “suspicious” and conspicuously unarmed white kid and then shot him, the shooter would not be in jail assuming the police didn’t mow him down on the spot.

To add insult to injury, the 911 calls have been released in which can a voice can clearly be heard screaming for help and “No!” right before a gunshot. There are exactly two feasible scenarios here: One, Zimmerman (a 26 year old adult) felt he was in imminent danger while holding a gun and was screaming for help before he was forced to shoot an unarmed 17 year old kid that was on the small side to begin with. Two, Trayvon, again, the unarmed 17 year old, was screaming for help when Zimmerman shot him in cold blood. Which of those sounds more likely?

“”These assholes, they always get away.” Apparently Zimmerman was referring to himself.


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4 thoughts on “Soundtrack To An Execution

  1. Martha Sheppard on said:

    This is truely sickening. When will acts such as this STOP!???
    To me, this is a hate crime!

  2. Oliver Hacker on said:

    It has to be another Planet – It looks like a moreless civilised country on Earth today but it simply isn’t, it can’t be…

  3. JD Turner on said:

    this is a very bad situation, But comments like “must be great to be a white man down south. You can get a gun, appoint yourself captain of the neighborhood watch and execute a black teenager, all without getting arrested.” is the type of stereotyping that you are trying to speak out against. When in actuality Zimmerman is actually of Hispanic race. so for future articles, before you start calling out one race over the other please have all the facts correct. thanks –

    • Yeah, I saw his picture but I also heard his voice (no accent) and his last name is about as far from Hispanic as it gets. If you don’t think that was THE mitigating factor (and, of course, the victim’s race) in his non-arrest, I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming unicorn race.

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