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Trayvon Martin A ‘Little Thug Ghetto Monkey.’ Fox News Readers Set New High Water Mark For Racism

The right has truly perfected the Orwellian art of doublespeak. While screaming out of one mouth that liberals are the real racists (seriously, they do. Google it), conservatives, who will swear on a stack of Republican Bibles, engage in some of the most vile racism outside of a Ron Paul newsletter. has posted a partial list of the comments regarding the murder of 17 year old Treyvon Martin. You’ll recall that Treyvon, armed with Skittles and a bottle of iced tea, was stalked by George Zimmerman and shot for the crime of walking while black. Three weeks on and Zimmerman has yet to be arrested. The Department of Justice and the FBI have announced that they will be investigating this…oversight as a hate crime. Apparently this has outraged the Fox News commentator community.

Warning: The following conservative responses are disturbing in the extreme.

What a shame—a tragedy, really— because the dead lil’ gangsta could’ve used “‘A-FIRM-TIV AK-SHUN” to go to kollige an play footballz and make lotsa cash munny!”


Fast and Furious didn’t work to pass new gun control so now Eric Holder will try the race card.


No matter how crime figures are massaged by those who want to acknowledge or dispute the existence of a Dirty War, there is nothing ambiguous about what the official statistics portray: for the past 45 years a large segment of bIack America has waged a war of v i o l e n t retribution against white America.


Zimmerman was attacked by the man and defended himself with a gun. Zimmerman’s wounds were verified by police.


17 = child. LOL!!!!!!

Let the LIB word games begin.


Yet the “justice department” refuses to prosecute any voter intimidation that involves a blac k as the intimidator.


Why should anyone care about this kid? Because he is of color? People don’t value kids period. They are property. BTW, I am a conservative that cares a great deal about kids. We follow hundreds of cases each year, many white babies and children, none of them get attention. But he does??


Zimmerman felt threatened by Martin’s gang’s actions…this could have possibly lead to these terrible circumstances. Gang violence MUST BE STOPPED OBAMA!


Blacks can do no wrong, period! That is the DOJ’s excuse for becoming involved. 50+ years of being told they are special and entitled and the gov’t’s only focus is to make it so!!


In any event, it appears to be a case of one sc u m bag Cuban-type (Zimmerman) offing some scummy b l a ck kid (Trayyy-Vonnnn)…in some trash neighborhood….

but now, because the dead kid’s a kneegrow, we have:

the BIG BAD FBI on this “important” case…and

the usual BLACK-RADICAL-PROTESTERS who can’t mind their own business!


Gated communities exist because people are afraid….& negros thrive on crime…Look at our prisons.


Need that too….But Negr0s only have their welfare checks….and in any event can’t follow rules


What time do the riots start? Gotta get my popcorn and munchies ready for the “hood” burning!


Funny you never see them rally against the drug dealing murderers that control their neighborhoods. LOL!!!


How does anyone know what this 17 yr old said, Most likely he threw the race card out ” you stop me because I*M B L ACK” and then became threatning. The media alway plants the seed of doubt when when a B l ac k is sh ot by a caucasian


maybe his gang brothers incited violence too?


How’d the kid get into the “gated” community in the first place?


Them monkeys can jump!


This is going to be a tough case. gang violence is hard to prosecute. martin’s gang may even want to retaliate. this is scary


Let’s find out why the “po’ baby” was REALLY there!


The little thug ghetto monkey should have been home doing his homework, not out gang bangin.


I’m just glad Zimmerman didnt miss and hit an innocent bystander.


THIS IS PURE RACIST!! When do you ever see the DOJ investigate the death of a white child??


This is pure B.S I want to see the kids police record even if something is expounged also why was he removed from facebook it says account terminated.Why because his parents are trying to cover his tracks just like if you hit a bus they see Dollar signs.People have dragged data about Zimmerman out where is the kids past.Don’t say he was a good boy prove it.Ask yourself what is more likely to happen any 17 year old kid when you ask a question.A smartass reply I have never and I mean never seen a teenager run unless he did something wrong.I guess no crinimal has ever cased a place when they went to a store.It takes me aback the way all these facts are quoted by people who read one story on a issue.


Who says his gang wasn’t hiding near by?


he could be a good kid, but being in a gang doesn’t help his case


An unfortunate death, but when will DOJ investigate the death of a Caucsasian?


Here we go again— a LOCAL law enforcement matter (no federal issues) is being hijacked by the FEDS because the alleged “victim” is bl a c k! We all KNOW this kid was up to no good and now he’s feedin’ worms. Too bad-ha ha ha!


Last night on CNN Anderson Cooper kept referring to zimmerman as white when he knew he was Hispanic I wonder why


maybe then the kid was not bIack maybe Hawaiian like tiger woods then we can say s p i c s h o o t s Hawaiian


This has Bl ack racist Holder and his all bl ack racist “DOJ Civil Rights Div” written all over it.


Crack Skittles the new disguise


Skittles actually has a couple slang meanings. Could be referring to recreational usage of Coricidin. Also refers to a male getting lipstick marks from young ladies on the member. Taste the rainbow..


You think the DOJ or main stream will report zimmerman was Hispanic not White


That is all it was — just another n i qq er. No loss


He was slinging crack.


Is tea and skittles slang for guns and crack.


Skittles is actually slang for recreational usage of Coricidin.


This is what happens when you join a gang. kids need to learn from Martin’s mistakes


They should have a hunting season in Florida for these drug crazed gang members.


This could have had a tragic outcome. His gun could have jammed. Whew!


At least he didn’t chain him to the back of his truck?!?!?


How long will it take to get all of those little blk curly nappys out of the White House bedding so that the next POTUS can sleep without that Creepy Crawly feeling .


The picture is of an innocent choir boy designed to evoke sympathy for the “victum” and justify the skewed actions of a corrupt department of justice.


the b!ack community has created a sense of fear with the excessive amounts of cr!me and v!olence and the glamorizing and glorification of cr!mes and v!olence through c rap music (term used lightly) and most are rude, crude, nasty and give others the tough guy BS attitude.You people (term also used lightly) made your beds and now have to lie in them………don’t be angry with us or blame us you did this all on your own.


Hunting, maybe thinning the herd…


It is obvious the un-civilized B!ACKS who dwell in the greatist nation on earth have never wanted to be part of the TEAM, they CRY and P!SS and MOAN at every given oportunity about fairness and equality, While lining up for the free ride at welfare.
The United States is cursed with these baboons, Who will never gain the ability to stand up and make it on their own without our help.
They are the eternal retarded stepchild , needfull and helpless until the end of time.


Now the family of the kid has lost there way out of the ghetto.



I would like to thank LGF for wading through this cesspool, I went and found some more, because why should he suffer alone?

This is nothing but liberal racism at it’s worst.  If this kid had have been white, the DOJ would never be involved.

Here is a crazy thought.  Let’s all wait until the law enforcement officers do their job, then we can judge.  I know, what a silly idea.

niqqers don’t walk, they shuffle, and how was doing all of that one handed, cause we know the other hand was holding his clown pants up.

Oh stop it with the “skittles” BS and trying to make him sound like some innocent little toddler riding on a little red tricycle.

Oh swell, I knew it! Yes, here comes The Great Negroid Racist Al Sharpton himself to try once again to extract ghetto justice on a white person by being judge, jury and executioner…just the way liberals like it.

what did Martin’s gang tattoos say?

Assuming you, the reader, haven’t quit this article to go vomit in the nearest receptacle, remember this the next time someone tells you that liberals are really the racists. You would have to look long and hard for a thread on a liberal page filled with this level of absolute hate and inhumanity.

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28 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin A ‘Little Thug Ghetto Monkey.’ Fox News Readers Set New High Water Mark For Racism

  1. It doesn’t get much more despicable than this!

  2. I don’t want to live on this planet with these racist haters anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. BigBlackRod on said:

    You expected compassion from the mainstream equivalent of StormFront? C’mon, son! These folks are what they are…PEACE.

  4. Roberts Kathleen on said:

    Those comments are really scary, evil and down right awful. Let me guess, these were all made by God fearing church going, Christians who believe in right to life and and have gun racks in their vehicles. And home school their children. And the wives walk six paces behind and are barefoot and pregnant. And Rick Santorum is their Massiah. These people should not be allowed out without a keeper. And definitely should not be allowed near guns or sharp instruments. Did they all just walk out of Deliverance? And to top it off you can tell that they are proud of their ignorance, bigotry and racism.

    • @Roberts Kathleen: I do not mean to sound disrespectful, and I think you’re simply speaking from a place of outrage; however…In the name of defending one group, please don’t malign another. Many of “these people,” as you refer to Christians, in fact MOST of US are just as appalled by this tragedy as anyone else. You are painting my church and its members, which held a candlelight and prayer vigil and raised money for the family and many of whom are traveling across the state to participate in demonstrations, with the same broad brush as the disgusting animals who made this comment. Judging an entire category of folk based on the actions of a few (even if ALL the comments were made by fundies, which is a logical fallacy in and of itself) is the textbook definition of prejudice. The fact that some people who call themselves religious are racist in no way equates to that all folks who are religious are racist. We need to stand UNITED against this type of behavior, not divide ourselves even further.

  5. Leave it to Fuax to be the Voice of the Illiterate.

  6. You become just as bad as they are when you don’t report WHO made the statements.

  7. Perhaps there is something wrong with Me as liberals go, but the above comments didn’t nauseate Me.. they enraged Me. To say that I think that the people who made those remarks are subhuman scum is an understatement.. but I’m experiencing the desire to erase every single one of them from the face of the planet. Sometimes I wonder if this world doesn’t need a Batman.. or better yet.. a Punisher. Yes, yes, I know.. comic book heroes.. but at least Frank Castle is a possibility. I cannot believe that this much bigotry, prejudice, racism and hate exist in our country today, yet here is irrefutable proof. And to think that people like these are the end result of being a good little right wing neo-Fascist Christian.. “War.. war never changes.” – Narrator, “Fallout 3”

  8. Ann McCann on said:

    I sat here thinking about a comment, but there are no words for the evil. Witch burnings are now walking while black. I’ve followed this story, and signed every on-line petition that came my way, but… but… It’s not enough.

  9. kmlynch10 on said:

    Wow, this is downright scary and repulsive.

  10. This is horrible, yes, but…anger can also be a powerful force for good, so let’s not squander it. I think it’s important to translate our outrage into something constructive. I live here in Florida, so I can actually go and participate in the demonstrations, etc. But for those outside the state…don’t just post angry comments on a website. Find and sign the petitions, send letters to those who can keep the pressure up–the state’s attorney general, Pam Bondi; the DOJ or FBI (not sure of jurisdiction), send letters of support to the family c/o the local newspaper…Let the authorities in FL know that the nation and the world is watching them.

  11. Ron Picard on said:

    Anybody who believes this piece of crap is a fool. You’ll notice that not one of the statements is attributed to anybody. No Fox News commentator, or any other network commentator would ever make statements like those. They would be out of work within minutes. Use some common sense people!!!!!!

  12. Lulznotthisagain on said:

    @ron picard LOL, you totally get the idiot cake for that comment. learn to read.

    Trayvon Martin A ‘Little Thug Ghetto Monkey.’ Fox News Readers Set New High Water Mark For Racism

    fucking moron, go back to cleaning my diarrhea out of a burger king stall

  13. C RAY on said:

    yall crakers crazy thats why yall accept child molesters in yall every day life

  14. NotLikeYou on said:

    Wow, look at your replies. You’re the same as the people you hate. Carry on….spread the hate. Maybe there is a special place in hell.

  15. Anthony on said:

    How about someone explaining why they keep using the 5 year old photo that makes him look so angelic when the fact that he was over 6′ tall & a football player never gets mentioned?
    If your going to use this case to soothe your political needs, at least have enough courage to admit that a lot of useful facts have been omitted & other facts spun to make this child look more innocent, harmless & helpless than he was.
    Much like the Duke rape case, the early stories are starting to lose credibility in the light of the facts.

  16. NotLikeYou on said:

    I guess calling white people child molesters is cool…..Go check out the huffingtonpost comments sometime. Also you gotta keep in mind people post stuff to try and discredit people they are against. While I don’t condone any of the comments you posted, your reason for posting them is the same, to stir up hate. Good luck.

    • Yup, it’s all a liberal conspiracy to make conservatives look like racists. You keep telling yourself that as Fox News continues to try and paint Martin as a drug using gangsta. Whatever helps you sleep through the night, yeah?

  17. Isla Johnson on said:

    Just because it was on Fox’s site doesn’t mean it came from conservatives. I’m a conservative, does that make me racist too? If you check most sites, similar comments have been posted. From msn, yahoo, huffington post, etc. Why not call out all of those “racist” people. Oh no, that would go against your entire Fox smear campaign. Do your research first before you just assume all of these comments were only posted by conservatives. Fox has a lot of haters that comment and troll just to be against Fox and other media outlets. It comes from both sides. To be honest, I watch all the news channels, depending on what programming they have on, CNN and msnbc definitely swing more to the left…and it’s obvious. When I watch Fox news, they always have people from both the left side and the right side stating their views. Then again, most people listen to anything they are told by the “lame stream media” I have a degree in political science, so I’ve studied both sides of politics and not one argument would ever turn me liberal. In fact, studying politics all through college made me even more conservative because of the way the liberal media shoves their opinion down your throat. Personally, I prefer not to be programmed or told what to think. Not all conservatives are racist. I’ve met some racist liberals. It’s called reverse racism!! Now open your mind and look beyond what you think you know about this world.

    • Thank you for providing a text book example of the false “both sides do it” meme.

      • Isla Johnson on said:

        Until you are a white person in a predominantly minority college and town, do not tell me it doesn’t work both ways. I’m not saying life is hard, but it words can still hurt. Racism doesn’t just exist amongst white conservatives. In fact as conservatives, many of us have to go to great lengths to prove we are not racist. But I’m sure all liberals just “love black people” . How’s that for “textbook” It exists all over the world. And YES both sides do it!!!

      • No one has ever claimed that black people or liberals aren’t racist, but only one side campaigns on it and that would be the right.

        Both sides don’t “do it.” Liberals do not campaign on explicitly racist platforms. I know it’s painful to admit but if you don’t want to be lumped in with them, perhaps you and the other non racist conservatives should try a little harder to purge the racist politics from your party.

      • Isla Johnson on said:

        You are right. I just wish I could take the ignorance out of the world. It shouldn’t be black or white or right or left. It should be about what’s good for our country as a whole and the greater good of all people. Thank you for listening to my side and letting me see your point of view. It’s appreciated.

      • You know, if you don’t yell and curse at me you’re going to completely mess up my comfortable preconceptions! The nerve of you, being all civilized!

  18. Isla Johnson on said:

    Well not all conservatives are completely close-minded and pig headed as many people think. Have a good day!!!

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