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Let’s All Pretend Opposing The Ryan Budget Is JUST Like Opposing Obamacare!

Christian Science Monitor certainly seems to be doing its best to keep up the “both sides” meme. On the Democrats’ palpable joy at Ryan’s recycling of last years’ Republican disaster:

Republicans once bashed President Obama’s health-care reforms, saying they included “death panels” designed to ration care for the elderly. Democrats are trying to use the Ryan plan to create their own policy bogeyman: the death spiral.

The death panels lie was so throughly debunked in so many different ways it stands as a testament to the sheer dishonesty involved in conservative politics that they’re still using it three years later. But then, when has the right ever let the truth get in the way of a catchy bumper sticker slogan? That doesn’t stop CSN and, doubtless, several “liberal” media outfits from comparing apples to oranges (or, in this case, bullshit to reality).

“It is still a proposal that creates a voucher system for Medicare and thereby ends Medicare as we know it,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said at his daily briefing on Tuesday. “Contrary to some assessments that somehow by calling it Medicare it still remains Medicare, we’re going to stand by the fact that Medicare as we know it would be ended by this program.”

Carney is most likely referring to Politifact’s “Lie of the Year” for 2011 in which, somehow, they decided that calling the first Ryan budget a Medicare  killer was somehow untrue. When you gut a program, remove its guarantees, privatize it and make it significantly more expensive for seniors that is no longer the same program. You can call a steaming pile of pig crap “Medicare” all you want. That doesn’t mean it actually is Medicare.

But obviously it’s all just the same when conservatives lie and liberals don’t. They’re both the same, don’tcha know?

Yeah. Riiiiiiight…


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