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Obamacare To The Rescue?

This is pure speculation on my part so take it with a LARGE grain of salt. I have sleep apnea that causes me to stop breathing while asleep. If you or someone you know snores like a truck and it sounds like they’re gasping for breath in their sleep, chances are they have it as well. Get it taken care of sooner than later, it’s extremely  unhealthy for you.

Anyway, I require a machine known as a CPAP to deal with it. Essentially it blows air through a tube into a mask I wear on my face (not oxygen, just air. Remind me to tell you my horror story of bringing it onto a plane for a red eye flight). The increased air pressure forces me to breathe. The mask has a thin silicone piece that seals itself against your skin to keep the air inside the mask. When it starts to wear out, the air leaks and you lose the pressure, rendering the mask more or less useless.

The silicone piece is removable and replaceable for a fraction of the price of a mask. BUT! For years, medical supply companies would only provide the entire mask. So, instead of charging my insurance a few dollars, I would be forced to buy an expensive (over $100) mask just to get a cheap silicone piece. My insurance picked up most of the price tag but what was the point? Why waste the money? Because the medical supply company made more money, of course. This is known as waste and I’ve been dealing with it for years.

But, all of a sudden, I can order just the part. Could it be Obamacare eliminating insurance waste and saving us money in the process? I don’t know for sure, but the timing sure is suspicious…

BTW, I will continue to call it Obamacare years after Obama finishes his second term. Why? So when conservatives start trying to claim credit for it in a decade or so, I will be there to remind them, over and over, that they tried to kill it.

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3 thoughts on “Obamacare To The Rescue?

  1. I too, have severe obstructive sleep apnea, and for years had no insurance at all. My parts would wear out frequently and all the expense for it came out of pocket…or more accurately, out of the pockets of family and friends who were kind enough to help me out. I also recently found that I can order just the “sleep pillow” (nose piece) portion of the mask. But the headgear wears out too…and the filters need to be changed…and ONCE…the CPAP machine fell off of my nightstand and broke!!! And the machine itself, as you know, costs several hundred dollars….but luckily I recently found a job…and thanks to Obamacare I cannot be denied coverage based on this pre-existing condition. The man has my vote. He saved my life!

    • I have three different machines JUST in case one breaks down! And I have a very expensive battery in case the power goes out. I didn’t really have the money for it but it was that important. I literally cannot sleep without a CPAP!

  2. Jessica on said:

    I may not have sleep apnea but I do have a medical condition. And I damn well know that Obama has saved the butts of people like me. Thank God for this man. I voted in the Illinois primary yesterday and guess who got my vote? Yup, Obama.

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