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The Reason For Trayvon Martin’s Murder Explained (PHOTO)

Any questions?

Correction: I finally spelled Trayvon’s name wrong and of course it was in the title. It’s been changed but I don’t think it will reflect it in shared posts.

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7 thoughts on “The Reason For Trayvon Martin’s Murder Explained (PHOTO)

  1. It was announced that the Sheriff at least is stepping down until the D.O.J. finishes their investigation since the town is now crawling with protesters ready to see George Zimmerman in jail soon. Al Sharpton showed up to help organize a demonstration ceremony.

  2. TheOneOnTheRight on said:

    You know, I was just about to repost this to my FB wall, since I am as horrified and offended by this death as any thinking, compassionate, reasonable, and responsible person would be – but then read the tagline and realized that you are an idiot for stereotyping ME! Seriously, because I’m a conservative it’s assumed I approve of killing an innocent and unarmed boy because he was black?

    You’re a jerk. I normally don’t call people names like that – really, I think this is a first for me to use this language with a complete stranger, but you live up to the adjective so well, it can’t be helped. Not all liberals are filthy scum, but you have proven yourself to be the epitomy of the very stereotype you have set up for yourself. Congratulations. Now, go crawl back under your rock.

  3. Jessica on said:

    Racism is unfortunately still alive and well. Most of the racism is committed by Repukes. Remember that ‘Don’t Re-Nig’ sticker? It’s sickening. The tea party folks were all over that sticker. We still have a loooooong way to go to combat racism.

  4. Yvette Legersky on said:

    The comments made sicken me. As a Black American female, living in a predominantly White community, I too have experienced racism. Beyond that, bet that if the tables were turned and this would of been a White child…your comments would be a lot different. The point is, it shouldn’t matter if this were a Black or White child…it matters that it was a child! And the fact that you think it can be justified is horrific! I hope and pray that you or your loved ones never have to experience such a tragic death at the hands of someone who is a racist!

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