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The Ultimate Fox News Catch-22!

Being as Fox News is simply dripping with dog whistle racism, this video must seem like absolute gold to them. A female black student flies into a rage about killing people and killing whitey and does it the most stereotypical way possible. If she hadn’t physical assaulted people on camera I would be hard pressed to believe she wasn’t doing performance art. It’s that ridiculous. If they could just find a way to tie her to Obama they could get that “angry black man” meme against the president going again.

But there’s a problem: She’s not just railing against her teacher because she feels like it. No, she’s freaked out because he was teaching the dreaded evolution! And as we all know, evolution is a giant liberal secular Nazi space alien conspiracy. So on the one hand, we’ve got a black girl acting just like the caricature conservatives have of African Americans and the other hand, she’s doing it from the viewpoint of a religious conservative (i.e. the GOP’s insane base). If it had been a white girl, she would be on Fox by now as a hero for fighting against eviiiiilllll secularism. What to do? What to do?

My guess, Fox will skim over the part about evolution and just focus on the “black rage” angle and then show President Obama in the very next segment. Conflation? Naaaaaah.

Here’s the video of an idiot’s brain melting:

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