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Obama Wins Again

TPM reports that Boehner and the House GOP is going back on its word:

Republicans in the House, Boehner confirmed, will advance legislation to replace automatic cuts to the defense budget from taking effect on Jan. 1. […]

The GOP’s unwillingness to accept higher tax revenue doomed that effort, and so the automatic cuts — known technically as “sequestration” — are locked in. Now Boehner and the GOP are accelerating efforts to undo the one part of the deal that they don’t like.

“We should never have had the sequester,” Boehner told reporters at his weekly press availability Thursday. “I always thought that the Super Committee had a real chance to do good work, to produce savings so that the sequester wouldn’t kick in.

No he didn’t. No one thought that. The Super Committee was doomed the second they announced it. I knew it, you knew it, Boehner knew it and President Obama definitely knew it. I can’t prove it but I think the GOP was expecting to have a blue dog or two on the committee that would go along with their draconian cuts instead of a balanced approach including tax hikes on the rich. Why else would they have agreed to massive military cuts as a default?

This is a win-win for Obama and I knew it last year. I actually had to convince the Fat Smug Bastard of this. Either the cuts go through and the military’s bloated budget is reduced or the GOP tries to weasel out of their promise in an election year. Such a move would hand the Democrats a talking point that will be used to bludgeon the GOP as deal breakers and liars. The only way this gets better is if the GOP tries to weasel out and fails. Then Obama and the Dems get the best of both worlds: Military cuts and a weapon to bash the feckless GOP.


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2 thoughts on “Obama Wins Again

  1. And such moves on the GOP’s part are not surprising.. they are also why I refer to the Speaker of the House as “Boner”, or “Bonehead”.. because the Speaker is the GOP’s Prick for fucking over the country.

  2. Grover Norquist says there will be a bill to end all loop holes and subsidies for big oil in Congress soon…he says this will “show” America just who is serious about change and who isn’t. This is a trap, for almost under his breath, Norquist mentioned lower tax rates in return…so in reality, Big Oil loses nothing and probably will gain due to lower tax rates. They will use the failure to pass the bill as another tool to make the President look bad.

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