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Both Parties Are The Same? Not Bloody Likely!

I’m becoming more and more convinced that people who insist that the Republicans and Democrats are the same party are either idiots, lazy, or conservatives trying to distract us.

Idiots – Anyone who can seriously look at what the GOP has been doing since 2009, ie voter suppression, attacking Planned Parenthood, trying to roll back health care reform, attacking contraception and the trans vaginal probe laws just to name a few, and think that the Democratic Party would do the same is a moron. Conversely, anyone that looks at what Obama has done, ie credit card reform, health care reform, student loan reform, killing bin Laden, leaving Afghanistan on time, saving the auto industry, etc. and thinks to themselves, “Well, that would have happened anyway if a Republican was president” is funtionally brain dead.

Lazy – It’s so easy when you’re just pissed off but can’t be bothered to learn WHY you’re pissed off to just blame “Washington.” Instead of learning what caused the huge deficit (two unpaid wars, the unpaid for Bush tax cuts and the unpaid for Medicare part D giveaway) and who caused (Republicans), these people just scream “a pox on both your houses!” and babble incoherently about a third party. If  they would just take a few minutes of the time they spend whining to educate themselves on what’s been going on, they would realize that the Democrats have been cleaning up the mess the Republicans left the country in while dealing with the deliberate sabotage from the right. But that sounds like hard work, all that reading and understanding. So much easier to throw a tantrum and do nothing.

Conservatives – So imagine that your party has complete control of the country. You get almost every single thing you want for the better part of a decade. You deregulate, you get your tax cuts, you even get your religion promoted in direct violation of the constitution. The other party is completely cowed and you scream down anyone that speaks out against you by calling them “traitors” and “unamerican.” Hell, there’s talk of how your party is going to be in charge for decades! The world is your oyster!

And then the country, under your leadership and following your game plan, falls apart in the most dramatic way possible. Trillions of dollars are lost, millions lose their jobs and tens of millions of more lose their homes and life savings. You gamely try to blame the other party but it falls flat. You were in charge and everyone knows it. Your party is tainted as incompetent and irresponsible. What to do? Change your ways and find a different path or try to drag the other side into the mud with you?

Keep that in mind the next time you hear someone say that both parties are the same. They are either ignorant, lazy or have an ulterior motive for trying to convince you of it. Look at the record of the last three years and it’s clear as day that it’s not only not true but so far off base as to be laughable. Hold Obama and the Dems accountable for the bad they’ve done but do it realistically and do it like an adult.

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4 thoughts on “Both Parties Are The Same? Not Bloody Likely!

  1. Randall on said:

    Yes, the Democrats are bad. So is a toothache.

    The Republicans are bad like Stage IV lung cancer.

  2. Rebecca Pruveadenti on said:

    “The other party is completely cowed and you scream down anyone that speaks out against you by calling them “traitors” and “unamerican.”

    That’s why the dems are equally to blame. By your own words. They were cowed.
    They chickened out and failed to protect us. If they would have mobilized, we would have been right behind them. They took their big fat checks and health care and healthy retirement and left us to die. And one by one, we are being picked off.
    The repubs are culling the herd and the dems let them do it.

  3. All too true. All you have to do is look at the party platforms and you will see the total difference in philosophy and who really cares about the people of this country!

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