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Sleepy Time Thought 3/25/2012

Important information!! This week, the Supreme Court will listen to six hours of oral arguments on whether or not to strike down the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). I was only made aware recently just how long six hours is when it comes to the SCOTUS. Very, very very long. Keep in mind, these justices are legal experts with decades of experience in the law. Generally speaking, they have all the material at their disposal to make a ruling and do not rely on spoken testimony the way regular courts do. So six hours is a big deal.

That being said, the only way the ACA will get struck down is if the five conservative justices decide to blatantly ignore all the existing legal precedent and vote along party lines. Something which they are absolutely not supposed to do but have done several times already, much to the detriment of the country (Citizens United comes to mind). However, the Obama administration fast tracked this, presumably because they believe that it will be upheld. If so, the GOP loses a prime talking point for the election. After all, if the heavily conservative justices rule it constitutional, then there’s no place for the right to go with their attacks except against the Supreme Court itself. Such an attack might lend strength to the move to pass a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and that would be a disaster for the GOP.

Is your head spinning yet?

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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