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It’s Nice To Have Confirmation That I’m Not Crazy

So apparently I’m not the only filthy liberal blogger to come to the conclusion that the right wing media has lost its collective mind in regards to the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Media Matters posted about it shortly after I did:

In retrospect, the conservative press would have been better off maintaining its distance from the story since in recent days more and more far-right outlets have veered into the ugly territory of trying to smear a dead teenager in an effort to defuse the story and to shift the blame away from the gunman, George Zimmerman.

Crooks and Liars went out a few minutes before me:

It’s easy to say that you’re not a racist. You have no white hoods in your closet, you’ve participated in no cross burnings. You might even have friends who are minorities. You can lie to yourself and say that you’re not racist. But make no mistake: Everything about this article is all about making conservative white people feel comfortable against that encroaching feeling of unease that they would have acted as George Zimmerman did.

I suspect that, over the next few days, the RW media will continue to flail about looking for a talking point to settle on that their viewers will swallow. The rumor mill will kick into high gear and the Fox News nation will “know” that Trayvon was some kind of criminal who had it coming. I think this is going to get extremely ugly and the right will show a disturbing lack of character and compassion in the days to come.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Nice To Have Confirmation That I’m Not Crazy

  1. The operative statement isn’t, “trying to smear a dead teenager”, it’s “trying to smear a dead black teenager”. That’s the real deal here; make Martin seem “blacker”, and therefore more dangerous, so that the mere idea of Zimmerman walking after him meant he was taking his life in his hands. Now the deal is Zimmerman was beat up badly–so much so that he didn’t need to to go the hospital. This is all an exercise in right wing BS, and they are stroking the machine on this.

  2. James on said:

    they already have a disturbing lack of character and compassion, this just brings it into the spotlight. this same lack of character is why my Republican parents left the party some time ago. My father was so deep in the party he was a presidential appointe in 1969.

  3. My question is if this guy was the neighborhood watch captain why the hell didn’t he know this young man already? And lets not forget that if Zimmerman had been black and Trayvon white then Zimmerman would be in jail facing charges.

  4. Debbie on said:

    Oh, you are definitely NOT crazy!!! Or if you are, so are many on the left who agree with you, including me!!!
    I read a post on FB this morning (one of my “friends”) that said that Zimmerman should be taken care of by vigilantism instead of the legal system, because the government will use this as an excuse to outlaw guns!!
    So who is the crazy one?!!

  5. cc rider on said:

    In the land of the blind (crazy), the one-eyed man (slightly less crazy) is king.

    My point is, there is no evidence you are not crazy. Just less crazy.

  6. Julie on said:

    I have heard accusations that Martin broke Zimmerman’s nose and fractured his skull, or “grabbed for his gun” (that on Yahoo News today). As well as digging into his FB & Twitter accounts for dirt to prove he was a violent person.

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