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The Country of the Car

There’s a reason we’re so addicting to oil…

The Country of the Car.

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2 thoughts on “The Country of the Car

  1. Ya know, it’s funny, but when I was living in SFBA I knew lots of people who didn’t have cars or driver’s licences simply because they didn’t see the point. The public transportation is good enough there that quite a few people don’t need cars. I didn’t need one (a car) going to college in the city even though I lived in the far reaches of the suburbs. The bus went right past my house, took me to the subway (BART), which let out less than a block from campus. When I tell people that many assume I lived in a poorer neighborhood. No, I lived in Danville, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the region, and I went to a private college. When one of my elderly neighbors lost her license because of failing eyesight she just shrugged and sighed, “Well, that sucks.” Then later rejoiced at how much money she was saving by using the public shopping transport to go for groceries instead of gas and car insurance.

    • NYC is like that too, there are buses and trains all over the place! But then there’s Long Island and upstate. You could die of old age before seeing a bus.It depends on how good the city planning was (I learned that from SimCity!)

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