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Republicans Are Shameless

After spending most of their time blocking President Obama’s job creation efforts, almost shutting down the government, passing bill after anti-abortion bill and taking one out every three weeks off, House Republicans have decided it’s time to take a victory lap for all the hard work they’ve put in to improving the economy.

Wait. What?

But this is what conservatives do: be on the wrong side of history until history passes them by and then take the opposite stance and pretend that’s where they were the entire time. They already do this with the Civil Rights Movement in which they swear that liberals are the real racists. They blame liberals for the economic collapse and swear that the GOP is actually fiscally responsible. In twenty years, they will swear they always supported gay marriage and liberals were actually trying to sabotage it. In a few years, after the economy has made its slow recovery due to the systemic fixes Democrats have been working for instead relying on a bubble, Republicans will swear that it was their efforts that really turned it all around, right before they destroy it again.

Not an ounce of shame.

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2 thoughts on “Republicans Are Shameless

  1. History is written by the victor…let’s make sure we win.

  2. Jessica on said:

    Damn right Jason. We REALLY need to win this year, for sure.

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