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Sleepy Time Thought: 3/29/2012

And today ends the oral arguments before the SCOTUS concerning Obamacare. Will it be repealed or upheld? I dunno. I suspect the conservatives on the court would like to repeal it for purely partisan reasons (for instance, it would severely damage Obama’s reelection bid). On the other hand, the ACA is based on existing models and precedent (car insurance comes to mind). Repealing the entire law would lead to mass chaos as other laws would be suddenly “unconstitutional” that were perfectly fine before. They could just repeal the mandate but that would cripple insurance companies who are no longer allowed to impose massive rate hikes without permission. The insurance companies are serious backers of the GOP and would not appreciate being screwed in such a fashion. Haven’t you wondered WHY the insurance companies haven’t made a lot of noise about repealing the ACA? It would cost them billions in lost revenue. The GOP, lost in its own little cloud of ideology, just pushed ahead anyway. I expect the donations from the insurance lobby to not be favorable to Republicans this year. Not that it matters with the millions that the SCOTUS’ last completely partisan decision, Citizens United, now allows into our electoral system.

We won’t know for a few months what the decision will be but you can bet on the monied interests spending as much as they can hide from the public on swaying corrupt judges like Scalia and Thomas. Let’s hope that the rest don’t have quite so obvious a price tag on their robes…

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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