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Another Banner Day For The GOP

Yesterday, the House Republicans voted en mass for Paul Ryan’s completely “serious” budget that would bankrupt the country in less than 40 years. I suppose it was a huge improvement over last year when only four Republicans didn’t run off the cliff. This year, TEN Republicans resisted the lemming urge! Amazing!

In addition, the Senate gave a sloppy kiss to their Big Oil paymasters by refusing, again, to repeal $40 billion over ten years in tax subsidies to the single most profitable industry in the history of the world. So at a time when the price of oil is spiking and oil companies are raking in record profits, our tax money is literally being added to their bottom line as an afterthought. Shockingly, the oil whores in the Senate are mostly Republicans. The same Republicans that just spent three years in one long continuous scream demanding “FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY!” and “SHARED SACRIFICE!”

On the other hand, the Ryan budget happily cuts subsidies for green energy companies. You know, sacrifice and everything.

Republicans are just shameless.

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One thought on “Another Banner Day For The GOP

  1. Why are we surprised by this? Most of those in congress have a stake in oil. I know of one personally that has a huge stake in oil companies and will do anything to keep that extra resource stream flowing. Republicans are hypocrites!

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