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Dumbass Of The Day: Governor Nikki Haley

Just stupid do you have to be to go a daytime talk show, you know, the kind of show with an overwhelmingly female audience and try and make the case that the GOP’s anti-contraception debacle shouldn’t matter because, and I quote!

“Women don’t care about contraception,” Haley said, “they care about jobs and their families.”

Ignoring the unspoken and laughable assumption that contraception, aka “family planning” or “Planned Parenthood” is somehow independent of caring about one’s job or family, on what planet has Governor Haley been living on? Is the Fox news bubble THAT impenetrable? Has she not seen the outrage from women all over the country, from both parties at the relitigation of a 50 year old, settled social issue? Is she unaware of the polling showing that Mitt Romney, who is not even a primary player in this farce, is losing woman voters faster than Newt Gingrich loses wives?

But that’s the GOP for you: They’ve got a talking point and they’re sticking to it! Good. Have at it! Keep on trucking, Republicans. Don’t worry, that sound you hear isn’t liberals laughing their asses off at you. No, we’re happy for you! We’re happy that you’ve finally come out of the closet and are showing your true, woman hating colors. What could possibley go wrong? Except cost you the White House, the Senate, the House, Governorships, state legislatures…

Congratulations, Governor Haley! You’re a dumbass!!

Read more about how she embarrassed herself here.

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2 thoughts on “Dumbass Of The Day: Governor Nikki Haley

  1. Cindy on said:

    I saw her this morning and had the same reaction. I thought lady, where the hell have you been the past few months?? She may be the youngest woman governor, but otherwise she is a discredit to her gender.

  2. Jessica on said:

    I agree with you Justin. I am glad the Republicans have finally come out of the closet. Women across the country now know the Republicans’ REAL agenda. They have awoken the sleeping giant, and she isn’t happy!

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