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More Terrible News For The GOP

Oops! Another better-than-expected month for job growth! Addicitnginfo reports that job growth in March reached 209,000, a modest increase over the predicted 200k but an increase nonetheless. While unemployment is predicted to remain at 8.3% as more people begin to look for jobs again, the signs are still positive for a (slow) recovery.

A quick note about the unemployment rate. There are those on the right (and not a few Obama haters on the left) that complain, loudly, that the REAL unemployment number is much higher. They are correct. The official unemployment number does not count unemployed senior citizens nor does it include people who have stopped looking for work completely. However, what these two groups do not mention is that this is how unemployment has always been presented. It’s strange how, all of a sudden, all these people are concerned about the “real” unemployment number now that unemployment has been dropping and the economy is improving, albeit slowly.

Very strange, indeed. I wonder just how insistent they were about “accuracy” during, say, the Bush administration? Hmmm….It’s almost as if there were a double standard at work here…

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3 thoughts on “More Terrible News For The GOP

  1. Jared L on said:

    So true, whatever they do is right and whatever we do is wrong. Simple right?

    I do like reading your posts, keep it up.

    — Jared

  2. Jeff on said:

    DOUBLE STANDARD?!?!?!?! Surely not!!!!! LOL

  3. Well, the unemployment rate has been calculated this way since 1994 or 1996 (both years the calculation was changed to exclude more discouraged workers). This is one of the reasons why Clinton’s presidency looked so good (besides actually doing generally good work).

    The numbers are getting better though; regardless of how you calculate them.

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