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The Chevy Volt Keeps On Ticking Despite GOP Opposition

Addicitnginfo reports that the Chevy Volt had better than expected sales for March so General Motors is resuming production a week earlier than planned. Production had been temporarily stopped after disappointing January and February sales.


The Volt is manufactured in the United States by an American company. It employs thousands of workers in factories and down the supply chain. It’s a green car that reduces pollution and our reliance on foreign oil. The electric vehicle market is rapidly growing across the planet and allowing foreign competitors to corner it would be disastrous to the US. Despite all of this, conservatives simply cannot stop themselves from bashing it. It’s like a pathology for them. These are the same people that scream “I love ‘Murika!” and claim to worship the blue collar worker. Yet the Volt, a quintessential American success story combining hi-tech innovation with domestic manufacturing (you know, the thing that made us the richest, most powerful nation in history), is an object of ridicule to the right.

Why do conservatives hate American success?

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3 thoughts on “The Chevy Volt Keeps On Ticking Despite GOP Opposition

  1. Why do conservatives hate American success? Because they can’ t make the 250% percent profit like they do overseas. All it is, is GREED.

  2. LiberalCommieHippieNazi on said:

    That’s easy: because it would endorse President Obama and his policies. And remember, by their own admission, the Republicans HAVE no policies, other than removing President Obama from office asap.

  3. Roberts Kathleen on said:

    Yep, the previous comments kind of sum it up. If it shows up on the plus side for the Obama administration, it has to be bad and bashed (even if it is good). And if something not covered in black oil which means their “oil daddies” are not being stroked they have got to stomp it into the ground (supposedly so that it will come up oil money for them). How many conservative politicians have stock in the oil companies??? Anyone know? For the ones who do, isn’t that a conflict of interest when it comes to legislation involving the oil industry? Just curious.

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