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Have You Seen This NYPD Bullsh*t Yet?

It’s not much of a secret that the NYPD has been ordered to pretty much beat the shit out of Occupy protesters for the filmiest of reasons but this is taking it up a notch. I first heard this on the Majority Report with Sam Seder podcast (is good, you listen!) and I stumbled across the video. There’s transparent, there’s transparent and then there’s this.

“They’re trying to hurt us guys! They’re throwing glass bottles! Watch the bottles! They wanna hurt us, guys!”

Who are they trying to kid? There might have been a bottle thrown. Maybe. This officer, sworn to uphold the law and defend the public, sounds far more like the kid on the playground instigating a fight. A notable “coincidence,” this particular officer is Conor McDonald, who was awarded the shield number of the anti-Occupy master of ceremonies, Commissioner Ray Kelly, himself. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the blatant attempt to incite the police to violence…

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One thought on “Have You Seen This NYPD Bullsh*t Yet?

  1. Zachary Kamel on said:

    I was standing there that day. I distinctly remember seeing the line of young recruits coming towards us, and him start screaming “they’re throwing bottles, watch the bottles, they’re trying to hurt us!” and looking around and thinking, what the fuck is he talking about? There aren’t any bottles! He’s lying!

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