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My New Motto!

There is nothing about this picture I do not love. Thanks, Rikki!

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5 thoughts on “My New Motto!

  1. Debbie Perry on said:

    Come on Dems…….Take this to heart. We CANNOT let the repubs in office. I shudder to think of what this country would be if we do not stand up and have our say. OBAMA / BIDEN 2012……..We must!

  2. I fully concur

    I’m on board with this…

  3. Aw, sit down, shut up, and get with the program. 🙂

  4. melanie ballinger on said:

    I have been sayin this recently too. I’m tired of being verbally abused by the likes of the repugs on every blog I read. Only to be accused by them that we are the ones who are verbally abusing them. I must admit I have gone quiet many times at family gatherings (I have a few faux news followers), because its impossible getting them to shut up long enough to listen to reason.
    First we need to let the President know we stand behind him and its ok for him to “put on the gloves and fight”. Let him know we see what he has been able to do so far and we like it, he is building this country up, with bricks and mortar, not sticks and mud. I would like to see him use the same moxie fighting the republicans as he has used getting the terrorists that threaten our World. He needs to use his no “bullsh!t” card more often.
    C’mon fellow DEM’S stand up, repost every single anti-repug post, every post that shows how the Presidents ideas are working, jobs are growing, unemployment claims have been slowly going down each month since December, universal health care works, the poor are not the enemy, love thy neighbor, everyone is equal, no one is better just because they make more money, the 1% need to pay the same % in taxes as the rest of us!!!, why protecting the environment is so important, clean water is a must, clean air is a good thing, woman are not baby machines, and so on and so on!!!!!! Stand Up Dem’s fight, show your moxie!!!!!

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