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(Not) Shocking News: China’s Going To Be Our New ‘Enemy’ In A Few Years

The Irish Wench brought this to my attention and she is livid! I don’t know why, I’ve been expecting this for a couple of years. What? This surprises you? Don’t you know the United States MUST have an adversary? At all times? Forever and ever? Without one, how will the military industrial complex and its leeches, war profiteers, rake in hundreds of billions of dollars a year? Oh sure if we cut our defense budget in half we would still outspend our closest rival by almost 4:1 and that money could turn every school in the country into a center of learning that would make the Library of Alexander pale in comparison. And, yes, with that extra money we could eliminate the national debt, feed and cloth every homeless person in the country while updating our aging infrastructure into the envy of the world. We could do all of that.

Or we could do this, instead:

The first contingent of 200 United States Marines has arrived in Darwin.

The troops are there on a six-month rotational basis and will take part in training exercises with the Australian Defence Force.

The two countries are boosting defence ties, with the US eventually deploying a 2,500-strong force in northern Australia by 2017.

Why Australia? Because it allows us easy access to the South China Sea to counter expanding Chinese influence.

Once we’re out of Afghanistan, we won’t have any hot wars in the Middle East and terrorism is so passe as a terrifying threat. Time we swapped Eurasia for Eastasia.

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6 thoughts on “(Not) Shocking News: China’s Going To Be Our New ‘Enemy’ In A Few Years

  1. Irish Wench on said:

    Em, I was livid….but not ignorant. ;P

  2. illiterateIdiot on said:

    Want to make a ‘land war in Asia’ joke but we’re already in a few.

  3. The best to “fight China” is by buying goods made in the United States. Far more effective than a land war in Asia. Something even our “leaders” are not stupid enough to get into.

  4. The best method for fighting China will be to buy products made in the United States.

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