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Sleepy Time Thought: 4/7/2012 Rick Scott Is A Sleaze Edition

Sometimes enlightenment comes from unexpected places. My father, Mr. Filthy Liberal Scum Sr. and soon to be ex-resident of Florida, calls me tonight to tell me about some the shady shenanigans of  Governor Rick Scott. Apparently, Scott made a campaign promise to sell the two airplanes Florida uses for state business. It was supposed to be a cost saving measure because he can use his own, private, plane instead. How nice. Ignore the fact that this will be a problem for any future governor who doesn’t happen to be rich through multi-billion dollar Medicare fraud, the real reason Scott sold those planes is because his personal jet is not subject to the Freedom Of Information Act law. That means he can have anybody at all on his plane and he doesn’t have to tell us because it’s his personal property. He could have corporate executives on their discussing how he’s going to profitize every public service in Florida and sell it to them for a kickback and nobody gets to know a thing about it. It’s the same reason his staff uses personal email addresses instead of the usual .gov ones: It allows them to evade the transparency laws.

Your modern day Republican Party so openly corrupt that no one can be bothered to be shocked anymore so they just get away with it.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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4 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Thought: 4/7/2012 Rick Scott Is A Sleaze Edition

  1. Debbie Perry on said:

    Another “buyer’s remorse” govenor. He’s as slick as the skin on top of his shiny head. Even if I was dumb enough to be a (R) I would be so ashamed of some of these guys..Kasich, Scott, Walker….the hits just keep on comin’!

  2. Reblogged this on While you were sleeping and commented:
    I couldn’t have said it better myself (and I’ve tried)…

  3. I think I’ve run out of rage. I kinda snapped when I watched a video of the Michigan state house recording that they received the 2/3rds majority necessary for a law to take immediate effect when they clearly didn’t have the votes. They’ve been getting away with this because they control the counting of the votes.

    • I’m soooo looking forward to seeing that in the courts. If I were the Dems, I would make it a national issue.”See? Here’s the GOP and their professed love for democracy.”

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