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Why The Right Should Fear ‘The Hunger Games’

Just got back from seeing The Hunger Games in the theater and I’m almost done with the second book, Catching Fire, at home. Even with the politically watered down version in the theater, this movie (and its inevitable sequels) does not paint the right in a flattering light. Oh sure, it doesn’t actually come out and say liberal or conservative but that’s not fooling anyone. Even if Suzanne Collins, the author, didn’t intend to critique conservatism, she almost had no choice. In a future where a few live in mind-boggling luxury and decadence while the vast majority of the population are virtual slaves, there’s really no choice in assigning political leanings. A ludicrous concentration of wealth, most citizens have no say in their government, no healthcare if you can’t pay for miracle drugs and cures and systemic indifference towards your fellow man. No one in their right mind would look at that and think, “Filthy liberal scum!”

They could easily think, however, “The Paul Ryan Budget.” And it’s made over $300 million domestically, so far, the first non-summer movie ever to do so.

This a hugely popular series of books for teens and pre-teens. The movie is doing phenominally well. These things leave an impression and that impression will be: I want to be like Katniss or Peeta and stand up for myself and others against a cruel and greedy elite. Can you imagine a worse message for the right? Their entire message is a Randian wet dream of “by myself, for myself!” There’s some Libertarian and conservatism in there as well, the main character, Katniss, is very self-reliant and skilled at hunting while the second book has a little “trickle down” economics in it (I kid you not) but it always comes back to fighting against the corrupt elite.

Take your kids to see The Hunger Games or buy them the books, conservatives will hate you for it (even if they don’t know it yet).  😉

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10 thoughts on “Why The Right Should Fear ‘The Hunger Games’

  1. Joseph on said:

    What if I were to say what I got out of the movie and the book isnt an attack on Conservatism or Capitalism rather that it was an attack on big government and what could happen if government got to big. To ignore that part would be dishonest if you ask me.

    • Conservatism is LOVE with big government. It -says- it wants small government but only for corporations. Conservatives are perfectly fine with government telling you what books you shouldn’t read, what TV you shouldn’t watch, whether you can have an abortion and mandating unnecessary medical procedures. Conservatism loves the idea of defining marriage to exclude “undesirables” like mixed race marriage or gay marriage. It also loves the idea of limiting who can vote and who can protest.

      Now, the “big government” that conservatives claim they hate is the one where corporations cannot pollute and endanger the public. The one where the rich cannot pay slave wages and collect billions for doing it. The one where no one should ever starve to death or die of a simple infection for want of medicine. I didn’t see that in Hunger Games at all. Did you?

      • Perfectly stated, justinrosario.

      • Anon on said:

        Yes, and I have the novel as well. In the village where Katniss (the main character) and Peeta live in a poor coal mining sector of the nation, the people are so poor that food on the table is hard to get by.

        Yes, conservatives like larger control, but morally. Most conservatives want usually a unified faith, such as Protestant Christians (and attempt to keep the group as homogeneous as possible). Economically, they’re as [liberal/lassiez-faire/free-enterprise] as ever.

        On the other hand, liberals like small government too. It really depends on what kind of perspective the people put on the politicians. In the liberal perspective, small government would allow for more individual freedom, and less economic freedom. That means there can be people that are of Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Shinto, Sikh, Agnostic, Athiest, and people of other religions that are in the area. Economically, the liberals are a bit more conservative, on the other hand.

        So it’s true that liberals and conservatives to an extent want big government. So it really depends on perspective.

    • What if I were to say: That what the modern incarnation of people that call themselves “Conservative” (not in the true definition of that word), would be the elites that are portrayed in both the books and movie(s).

      Like the ones that are currently the “majority” in the Michigan legislature; “passing” all those draconian bills.

  2. I have concluded that the Age of Reagan was the beginning of a permeation of “the Plantation Mentality” into the American Civilization. We are now 30 years into that cycle in American History and it has become all to obvious that the Hunger Games is a metaphor for an extreme dystopic future. Some will argue that this is a ridiculous comparison (there are no slaves in America!!). While this is true one has to consider the concept of relative disadvantage. Much of our industrial capacity for many manufactured goods has moved overseas. Why? It is not because the workers are more skilled or more educated. It is because they live lives which are relatively disadvantaged to the average American. (At least until now but with the hallowing out of our middle class that may change). All our “cheap goods” and “live-better-for-less” lifestyles have come at the relative disadvantage of others. We would not tolerate a Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire in the United States but it happens all the time in Sri Lanka, India and other Asian countries.

    So yes, the Hunger Games is a metphor for an American civilization that could be. This is why I despise oligarchs. The Bushies are traitors to their patrician Connecticut Yankee roots and the Koch Brothers would always fit better in a civilization of the Confederacy.

  3. If there is one thing that assumes me about the disciples of the bankrupt Republican Party it is the continuous cry of “Big Government.” Why do people persist in spouting of this sophmoric phrase from a party which has never decreased the size of government. The only individual who is a Republican in name-only that might actually shrink government would be Ron Paul. You can see where he is in the polls. Saint Ronald of Reagan told us that “government was the problem.” He then proceeded to increase the National Debt and grow government. GW Bush (a traitorous scion of a patrician Yankee family) significantly increased government and ushered in a Police State here in the United States. Now 90-year-old demented grannies with cancer have had their Depends removed when going through airport security.

    There is a big different between “Big Government” and effective governance. The two do not equal each other. I want to stop hearing the mindless rhetoric of “Big Government” and start hearing people demanding Good Governance. I want a strong Central Government with regulations that make sense and that are enforced. What we are evolving into is a corporatist-socialist state. There have been others in the past. Germany, Italy and Japan in the first half of the 20th century.

    • LiberalCommieHippieNazi on said:

      You’re correct, also about the simile with Germany, Italy and Japan, but there’s one essential other bit. That is the militarisation of society. Check.

    • Craig on said:

      Good observations, Rick. I always point out that the largest increases in federal-level government bureaucracy happened under Reagan and GW Bush, but am stymied because most conservatives refuse to allow facts into their political worldview. I’d like to add something about Ron Paul, though. He’s for less government, but ONLY at the FEDERAL level. He thinks that the states should be allowed to determine their own set of laws and civil rights, which would supercede and/or totally discard the Constitution. Frankly, I think he is one of the worst liars in that party, when it comes to how he describes his political philosophy. A quick search of legislation that he has sponsored will immediately disprove the ridiculous notion that he is a libertarian, in any sense of the word.

      One can disparage Democrats all they want, but (imho) at least you generally know what you are getting when you vote for them. Democrats are just as likely as Republicans to fail when it comes to following thru on campaign promises, but you don’t see them intentionally misrepresenting their views or proposals anywhere near the extent that you see that behavior from GOP officials. In other words – good or bad – Democrats rarely if ever take us by surprise with legislation that is a radical departure from the platforms they campaigned on. Both Hilary and Obama stated from the outset that health care reform was a top priority for them, and argued about what they thought was the best way for these reforms to happen. Compare that to the conservative sweep of the 2010 election, where GOP hopefuls all across the country claimed that for them it was all “jobs jobs jobs”, but have dedicated all of their time voting on social hot-button issues like abortion, union busting and gay marriage rights since taking office. Liars and hypocrites, the lot of them.

  4. LiberalCommieHippieNazi on said:

    Susan Collins herself has stated that the “Hunger Games” originated in her mind when she was tired one evening and sitting on the sofa in her living room flipped the remote between a channel showing a reality show with young people and another channel showing combat scenes in Iraq. Due to her fatigue the two started to merge in her mind and the rest is history. Now you can make that into whatever you want, people do that with books all the time. With an author who is still alive, however, you run the risk of her (in this case) coming forward sometime and rubbishing it.

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