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Hooray For White Pride! Neo-Nazis Are ‘Keeping The Peace’ In Neighborhood Where Trayvon Martin Was Killed

These days, it’s no big deal for bands of Neo-Nazis to roam a mixed race neighborhood “protecting” the poor, besieged white folk from those nasty, angry Negroes. Hell, they’re a civil rights group, don’tcha know? Welcome to the Republican future.

Oh? What’s that you say, hypothetical conservative? They’re just protecting people? It’s totally legal so why do I hate freedom and mom’s apple pie? Because this fails the Muslim Test on every level.

Imagine, for a moment, that George Zimmerman was actually named Mohamed Al Amri and he had shot a white kid. Let’s also pretend he wasn’t immediately shot by police or shipped off to Gitmo; let’s pretend he was released just like Zimmerman was. In the resulting redneck furor over a white kid being killed by someone with dark skin and getting away with it, a group of radical Muslims show up and announce they are going to patrol the neighborhood, armed with legal guns, to protect all the other Muslims living there.

Can you even imagine, for a second, that this would be greeted by cheers from the right? Yeah, me neither. Only in Fox News Land can a white majority somehow be under siege by a minority group and require Neo-Nazis to defend them.

By the way, do you think Fox will ask any of them if they’re really Socialists? They belong to the National Socialist Party, after all and, as we all know, real Amurakins hate Socialism.

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5 thoughts on “Hooray For White Pride! Neo-Nazis Are ‘Keeping The Peace’ In Neighborhood Where Trayvon Martin Was Killed

  1. dragontech64 on said:

    Justin, I’ve decided that there is a MINOR problem with your blog banner. I DO care about “hurting a conservatives feelings” in that I WANT TO DO IT EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY, and DAMN THEM for trying to destroy this country.

  2. walkerazcarpenter on said:

    This is the kind of people who pervade the political landscape of Florida and this is why they are the type of people that wannabe’s like George Zimmerman aspire to be like. This is why he is Hispanic and trying so desperately to be considered “White”.

    • Not necessarily. I don’t know his background but I’m a white Hispanic as well. I didn’t “choose” to be white so much as it was chosen for me. I was never taught Spanish as a second language and I was only passingly familiar with Hispanic culture. Not that i’m defending the man but that’s a hard call to make with incomplete information.

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