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Fox News Conservatives Are Racist? You Don’t Say….

Addictinginfo reports on another fascinating display of right wing hate over at following the news that George Zimmerman has bee charged with second degree murder:

Fox News’ readers have unleashed a fury of racism with regard to the Trayvon Martin case in the past, so these most recent racist rantings hardly flabbergast. However, they must have channeled their anger from that one time when their African-American Wal-Mart underling addressed them by their first name or something.

Here’s a lovely collection of ever-so profound musings on society that not even Tocqueville could ever imagine. But really, they’re just a bunch of fragmented spats of racist incoherence:

Ni gg ers are taking over.
Buy those guns white America…..and learn how to use them.
The savages are restless.

After the threats by the “New Blaċk Punksters” defense witnesses and jurors might fear retaliation by these Punks (Eric Holders people). He cannot possibly get a fair and impartial trial. The Savages will uprise.

That goes on for a bit. I wrote a similar piece on March 20, detailing the over the top racism of Fox News commenters. Now, I have two Facebook pages, one public, one semi-private. The semi-private page is kept mostly clear of conservatives so the almost 2700 liberals of all stripes can feel free to be openly liberal without having conservative trolls put in the two bits they heard on Hannity last night. Even there, when surrounded by other liberals, they do not degenerate into a seething mass of hate that conservative pages do. I’ve had this page for over a year and the ugliest comments seem to only be reserved for Ann Coulter for some reason (Mann Coulter and the like). No calls for murdering conservatives, no call for beating them with baseball bats, no racial epithets. All things you can find with alarming ease on just about any conservative page. The internet gives people license to expose their real personalities and time after time we see the true face of conservatism. It is a thing to behold: cruel, callous, petty and brimming with hate.

Any conservative wishing to challenge this assertion, do not bother unless you think you find just as many liberal websites dripping with this kind of blatant racism. Best of luck to you.

Projection is a well-known psychological defense mechanism in which you take your own flaws and insist that other people have them and you do not. I get it, no one wants to admit to being a racist dirtbag but how do you say shit like this:

Is Angela Corey a je -wess or a neg-ress ? I’ll bet the SPLC is dipping their tips in this. What we is fewer heebs and boos on the face of this planet. We need to have a global conference to come up with a plan to reduce our combined heeb/ we-be footprint.

And then swear to high heaven that liberals are the real racist?

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7 thoughts on “Fox News Conservatives Are Racist? You Don’t Say….

  1. Andrea on said:

    Great piece, great points. We need to be really careful that we’re not lumping ALL conservatives into the racist bucket with these scumbags. I always find this video instructive:

    I think white America in general is very sensitive about being called racist. And then there are those that relish it, like these knuckleheads.

  2. LiberalCommieHippie on said:

    Where I live you could be jailed for some of the things I’ve been reading there. That is, provided the police would get to you in time …

  3. Terry Ridge on said:

    We’re so used to FOX News and their agenda of racism, hate, and bigotry, it’s NO SURPRISE they would go this far in the comments they make publicly. Let’s hope that, as Americns, we will get past the weird path this country has been on since the George W era. Religion based beliefs say an ‘Anti-Christ’ is coming. Hmm, it would appear that so-called Anti-Christ is here today and exists not in one single individual but in an entire cadre of Racists, Hate-Mongers, Bigots, Greedy Corporate Money-Mongers, and Despots HELL-bent on running this country straight into the ground – – –

  4. where is this blog i can lib out on?

  5. Mark J. on said:

    The Left hasn’t engaged in real, militant violence in at least sixty years (and no, Occupy doesn’t count, by and large the violence we see there is started by law enforcement). As the Right has embraced willful ignorance those with triple-digit IQs have watched American politics shift hard right, to the point where Republicans are to the right of actual Fascists in many areas. What I’m wondering is, how long can the lies continue to be believed; I despair because some people would rather believe the sun rises in the west than to concede that they’re wrong because what they believe is all lies.

    • LiberalCommieHippie on said:

      I’ve been thinking about that, lately. The answer lies in ‘framing’ the public debate. In the ’60s and early ’70s it was virtually impossible to voice anything in a public forum that ran counter to the then current left-oriented culture, because it was automatically perceived as untrue or irrelevant or both. The debate then was often every bit as biased and bereft of reasonable thought as it is now, but then slanted the other way. Having said that, the level of untruthfulness you get from the right-wing media today easily defeats anything we saw from the left in the last century. But you can learn from them (both). The ’99-1′ idea is a good one. So is the ‘War on Women’. You can tell that it’s working from the defensive attitude the right is adopting on those two issues. As soon as they say: “No we’re not waging war on women”, you know you’re onto something here. After that, it’s, as the French say: “Frapper, frapper, frapper, toujours”.

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