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The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast 4-15-2012

Not safe for work. Also not safe for conservatives as it might just make them think. Thinking is bad. Fox News said so.

Open the link and right click to download the file. I swear I’ll be on iTunes really REALLY soon!

Podcast 4-14-2012

In which we discuss Ann Romney “house wife”, Rick Santorum and his unfortunate tendency to say what Republicans are REALLY thinkg, Trayvon Martin and the arrest of George Zimmerman and a delightful look into the fantasy world of Libertarians. Also debuting (finally) the Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast official intro! Maybe someday, if I can afford it, I’ll get it professionally done and stuff…

As always, if you like it, share it!!

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3 thoughts on “The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast 4-15-2012

  1. freedom and truth,we are proud liberals.Personal freedom,social responsibility,corporate accountability

  2. This should be the symbol of the United States! Our example to the world! What we stand for! Maybe than we will have a chance of not having the riots and revolutions that are going on in other countries! Also maybe we can gain back our status as a great country again! As of now we are heading in their direction, instead of being that great example they used to look up to!!

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