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But You Just Got Here Springtime!

It’s going to hit 85 degrees here in NYC. In mid-April. Since the end of October we had less than two inches of snow. In NEW YORK CITY we had a winter with essentially no snow. What the hell is the summer going to be like? It’s a good thing Fox News says there is no such thing as Climate Change. Can you imagine how crazy it would be if the weather went all wonky? There would be heat waves and droughts in areas that don’t traditionally have them, extreme weather events like tornadoes in highly unusual places like Queens and all kinds of madness! Fortunately, nothing like the stuff scientists have been predicting for years ever happens.


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2 thoughts on “But You Just Got Here Springtime!

  1. Chicago has been the same way this year. One of warmest winters, and the lightest snowfalls.

  2. I live in East Tennessee. When I was a child in school, we were taught that tornadoes were something that only happened in the Midwest or other places, but not here. We have had tornadoes here last year and plenty of them in other areas of Tennessee. Last year, a weak tornado went through my neighborhood, ripping up trees and toppling one into my yard. It happened in the middle of the night, so I was not prepared. It was absolutely terrifying. We have had temperatures near 90 on several days this year. My broccoli in my garden never froze this winter. We had no snow. Climate change ?????

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