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Sleepy Time Thought: 4/16/2012 Final Thoughts On Anne Romney (Because I’m already Sick Of Hearing Her Name)

I just want to make it clear that I, and most people, do not actually resent Anne Romney and her lifestyle. She married into obscene wealth? How nice for her. Is she a good mother or a bad mother? I dunno and until I hear otherwise from her kids I have no opinion. What we do resent is the insinuation that she’s just like us stay-at-home parents and she understands what a tough job it is. No, she’s not and no, she doesn’t. And she surely doesn’t have the slightest concept of what it means to be a working mother. If it’s true that Anne Romney has never had a paying job then she knows nothing of the real world where you can be fired for taking your sick child to the doctor instead of going to work. “I understand your struggles” is the single most insulting thing a rich person can say to us little people.

Let me put it this way, I would leave my children with the Irish Wench or the Moderate Conservative long before I would leave them with Anne Romney. Taking care of children is something that can only be learned in the trenches, not from the comfort of HQ and they have the scars to prove it.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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4 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Thought: 4/16/2012 Final Thoughts On Anne Romney (Because I’m already Sick Of Hearing Her Name)

  1. LiberalCommieHippie on said:

    Actually, even if Ann Romney really WERE a stellar mother and you really COULD safely leave your children with her – kudos to her then – but she’d still not be in the same league as mothers, whether working or not, who are struggling to care for their family on a minute fraction of what Ann Romney has at her disposal

  2. mkbookworks on said:

    Agreed. I am a working Mom… (and although I do not have a choice that too IS a choice! I love my children and I love my work… thank you very much!) and I do know the struggle to get the world to work on our terms.. summer camps that don’t cost an arm and a leg AND still leave a gap at the beginning and the end of the summer… Pediatricians that have hours that absolutely conflict with school, work, etc. Schools that are designed to deal with ONE kind of child IN ONE WAY and ONE WAY ONLY – requiring parents who have other kinds of kids to spend a LOT of time dealing with school personnel during THEIR work day… with little to NO consideration for MY work day.. or my children for that matter! Don’t even get me started on how different a rich mother’s life is… even from us relatively middle class Moms…. sure we all love our children.. and want the best for them.. I struggle to provide that.. I am pretty sure the Romney’s never did or will.

  3. Jasper on said:

    Amen! The two of them are on “Nightline” tonight. Don’t know if I can stomach watching it.

  4. g2-3495609d34c20423ce7c250b35a5005b on said:

    Hear, hear. I tweeted to her the day she said it that when she’d been the primary breadwinner in a household and the mother of a special needs kid then she could come here and tell me all about her struggles. We could compare notes on working 10 hours, arguing with special ed teachers, monitoring IEPs, trying to keep from getting fired for all that extra curricular activity so you can pay for food, medicine, clothes, rent and the twice a year trip to the movies so we all don’t go flippin crazy. With all the houses, housekeepers, nannies, chauffeurs, blah, blah, blah don’t even get me started on what the comparison would actually be.

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