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How To Shut A Birther Up Without Resorting To Sewing Their Lips Together

These people are so in denial about their racism they put closeted gay Republicans to shame. They try so hard to pretend that they reeeeallly believe Obama is actually ineligible for office for reasons other than being black. They harder they try, the crazier they sound. But, take heart, it’s very easy to shut one down and make them babble about Obama being a socialist or Nazi or Muslim or all three. Just ask them for the specific part of the Constitution that says you have to have TWO United States citizens as parents to be considered a citizen. After they insist that his father was a citizen of Kenya therefor he is legally a Kenyan or that he was born there so he’s not legally a US citizen, ask for the specific legal precedent established in the United States judicial system that says the laws of a foreign country overrides the indisputable US citizenship of his mother. After this they will either stop talking to you, curse at you or change the topic.

It really is that simple. His mother was a US citizen. Obama could have been born on Mars to a Martian father and he would STILL be a US citizen. Why we’re still having this conversation is beyond my comprehension.

Of course, the longer Birterism infects the right, the less credible the right becomes so it’s not all bad.

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12 thoughts on “How To Shut A Birther Up Without Resorting To Sewing Their Lips Together

  1. If he was born on Mars it would create a unique situation as he would be considered the sole owner of Mars while still being a United States citizen. – Robert Heinlein: Stranger in a Strange Land

  2. “But his mother isn’t a US citizen, she’s Hawaiian.” I’m paraphrasing but I heard someone say that on the news a few years back.

  3. It’s simpler than that – if you are born in America, you are a natural born citizen under the US constitution. It doesn’t matter what citizenship either of your parents held – they could both be foreigners, and you’d still be eligible to run for President.

  4. Props @Jimi for the Stranger reference!

  5. LiberalCommieHippie on said:

    I don’t really think it’s possible to get through to a Birther at all. Ultimately, it’s not about the birth. It’s about the fact that they don’t want him. And yes, in many cases racism lies at the bottom of it all 😦

  6. Roberts Kathleen on said:

    Justin, I just wrote that on my fb status the other day and you know, none of my right wing friends have commented on it at all. Really. I suggested that if anything he has “dual” citizenship just like my Canadian/American friends have since one of their parents is American and the other is Canadian. You know maybe there is a reason that Rightwing and Racist both begin with “R”. And maybe not. Makes about as much sense as they do with their steadfast denial that it is because Barack is black that they don’t think he deserves to be in the “White” house. They are all just plain ignorant and backwards in their thinking but they will defend it until they die. I wish I could feel sorry for them but all I feel is confusion that anyone could be so…..

    • Would you mind commenting on the bill that was resently repealed by Gov. Walker, something about equal pay.. I would love to understand just what it was about.. Thank you, Terri

      • It was the WI law similar to the Lilly Ledbetter Act. Equal pay for anyone, not just women, doing the same job.

      • LiberalCommieHippie on said:

        I thought one important aspect of the law was to make it simpler to sue employers in case of unequal pay. Presumably by shifting the burden of proof somewhat towards the employer?

  7. I have tried and tried to use logic, it fails everything. But then so does the logic of explaining the President could not possibly be a Nazi and a Communist.

  8. Brian on said:

    actually, if he was born on mars to a us citizen, he wouldn’t be eligible for president due to not being born in the us despite being a US citizen. unless it was a military base on mars.

  9. danfrommo on said:

    Odd, why does the Constitution have special sections just for the eligibility of the highest office of the land, that of the President? You mean it could have been written that the President has to be a citizen and XX years olds? Wonder Why it is not written that way…

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