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Immigrants Are Responsible For Climate Change?

Only in the nation of Wingnuttia. ThinkProgress shared this little gem of asinine:

MAN: Immigrants produce four times more carbon emissions in the U.S. than their home countries. […] Reducing immigration won’t solve global warming, but it is part of the solution.

Translation: Don’t worry about your carbon footprint, you’re a real Amurikan! You deserve to be wasteful. Those damn Mexicans, on the other hand, should be content to live in poverty with a small footprint.

The math behind this doesn’t work out at all but it’s not supposed to. This is pretty much the same thing as Lou Dobb’s infamous leprosy accusations, a flat out lie designed to give racists and other assorted dirt-bags an excuse to harass and attack Hispanic immigrants. Conservatism simply cannot function without falsehood.

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3 thoughts on “Immigrants Are Responsible For Climate Change?

  1. Grizz on said:

    Well, I suppose, he could mean that their home country must be a backwater place with no infrastructure or electricity, so coming here they would use cars, electricity, and gas grills!

  2. Dang! You mean I still have to separate my stuff into those ugly blue bins….so sad

  3. Wow, thats an amazing clip. Climate change will be used as an excuse to clobber immigrants. Thats a new one to me. Thank God I’m not an envriornmentalists or a climate alarmist anymore. I have awakened from the green stupor.

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