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Down The Conservative Memory Hole Or ‘How I Learned To Only Remember How AWESOME America Is!’

“AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!” – Team America, World Police

Among the many, many (many) things that separate liberals from conservatives (such as rationality, compassion, tolerance, fairness, but I digress…) is the ability for liberals to look history square in the eye and not flinch. We do not seek to gloss over the ugly bits. We acknowledge and embrace them as a way of moving beyond them.

Conservatives look at American history the same way they look at sex; as something disgusting to hide away from the neighbors and lie about. They pretend that the more unsavory parts never happened and, in doing so, fail to learn the valuable, and costly, lessons those parts taught us.

This obsessive-compulsive tendency is around us all the time. Sarah Palin’s “Thanks but no thanks” and her “Surveyor’s marks”. Glenn Beck’s “taking back” of the Civil Rights movement for conservatives who totally supported it (hahaha. HAHAHA!!! That’s a good one! You’re so funny Glenn!). Haley Barbour’s remarks that the 1950’s in Mississippi weren’t that bad for, you know, those people.

And, of course, the amount of revisionism dealing with the Founding Fathers is legendary, almost, dare I say it?, mythological.

This is a terrible time to be a historian. It’s like being a mathematician, someone repeatedly telling you 2+2 is 3 and then being accused of hating America when you say “No, it’s 4.”

Conservatives do not have a healthy, well-adjusted view of history. It’s incredibly simplistic and very self serving. As Senator Al Franken said in his book Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them):

“Conservatives love America like a child loves his mommy and mommy can do no wrong.”

One could argue, quite successfully, that conservatives are like children. After all, they throw temper tantrums (The Tea Party), lash out violently when angry (militias) and have a tendency to not share with the other children unless someone makes them (Wall Street). But that’s not the point I’m trying to make (today at least).

Conservatives do not venerate real history. They fear and loathe the accurate depiction of it. To fix this, there is a systematic effort underway to gloss over the parts they don’t like. This is less of a conspiracy than an understanding that undiluted history presents a significant problem for conservatives. Specifically, it makes them look bad.

Why do you think they skipped over the more embarrassing Amendments in the much vaunted reading of the Constitution at the beginning of the 112th Congress? Because they were irrelevant? Don’t be silly. There is a VERY good reason for conservatives’ need to rewrite the past in rosy prose. You see, the darkest parts of America’s history? They were responsible for almost all of them.

In no particular order:

  • The Civil War – Conservatives started it to maintain slavery as a legal right.
  • Women’s Suffrage – Conservatives stood against it.
  • The end of segregation – Conservatives stood against that, too.
  • Gay marriage – Go on, guess where conservatives stand right now? (bonus round – in thirty years, guess where conservatives will SAY they stood?)
  • Hate crime laws – Conservatives are STILL against them (ironically, they hate them).
  • “Legalized” torture – Brought to you courtesy of the conservative movement.  Remember, waterboarding was never legally considered torture. Except when it was. (Spanish-American War: American soldiers court-martialed for doing it. WWII: Japanese soldiers convicted for doing it. Vietnam: American soldiers court-martialed for doing it. Texas, 1983: Sheriff and three deputies convicted for doing it.)
  • The Great Depression – Conservatives allow banks to run rampant and collapse the economy. Modern day conservatives blame liberals despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  • The Great Recession – Conservatives allow banks to run rampant and collapse the economy. Modern day conservatives blame liberals despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This time with more success.
  • Prohibition – Legislating morality, a “small government” conservative favorite that just happened to give rise to organized crime in the United States. Thanks!
  • McCarthyism – McCarthy was a Democrat from 1936 to 1944. SEE?! He was liberal! But no, not really. He switched parties in 1944 and was a conservative, anyway.
  • Writer’s note: The original post had a reference to Japanese internment camps that was inaccurate. I have been informed of its bipartisan origins from readers both to the left and right and I apologize for the error. – JR
  • The Southern Strategy – Still in effect and just as disgusting (but effective) as it was fifty years ago.

There’s so much more but, needless to say, conservative ideology leads to some dark places. They like to claim the liberalism leads to gas chambers, Holocausts and tyranny. But history says otherwise. What it does say is that conservative movements, especially combined with the intolerance of Fundamentalism, lead to corrupt governments, ethnic cleansing, poverty and economic disasters.

With a track record like that, wouldn’t you want to whitewash your past? This is not to say that conservatives are purposely trying to harm the country. That would require them to understand the consequences of their policies. Not a conservative strong point. But they do recognize when society has passed them by and they furiously backpedal and obfuscate their stance in order to remain relevant. Where do you think the Tea Party came from? Eight years of total, systematic failure due to the very worst of unfettered conservative policies and, suddenly, the Tea Party are “pure” conservatives that are exactly nothing like those “bad” conservatives? Spare me.

Listen to Glenn Beck on any given day and you will hear the cries of history going down the memory hole. “Liberals are the ones who hate black people!”

Listen to Sarah Palin talk about her own actions and you will feel like you’re in an alternate reality. “Ethics violation? What ethics violations? That report said I was cleared of any wrongdoing!”

Listen to any talking head on Fox for as long as you can without your ears bleeding. “We never suggested that Obama was a foreign-born usurper that should be removed by any means necessary!”

This is not a new phenomenon. No conservative likes to talk about the militia movement back in the nineties because of its end result. Oklahoma City was a wakeup call for the country. Goaded on by violent rhetoric and insane conspiracy theories directed at Bill Clinton, Timothy McVeigh slaughtered 168 people. Compared to that, the Tucson shooting is small potatoes and, from all indications, no where nearly large enough to tamp down the tone from the Right, even a little.

Ask a conservative about the nineties’ militia movement and you’ll get all kinds of denials and evasions about their roots in the conservative hysteria of the time. The very same kind of hysteria that we see today. Times ten. Conservatives failed to learn the lessons of the militia movement and have embraced them once more without heeding the inevitable consequences.

Do you doubt?

The militia spread like wildfire in the 90’s, preparing for the government takeover of the country. Clinton was coming for everyone’s guns and was the most corrupt president ever. He had a secret army ready to do his illegal bidding. “Don’t Tread on Me” was hugely popular. Stop me if you’ve heard this before like, say, yesterday on Hannity or O’Reilly, perhaps?

The tactic of delegitimizing a Democratic administration worked pretty well despite the fact that it ended in violence. Here we are,almost two decades later, and conservatives have learned nothing. McViegh was simply an “isolated incident,” totally apart from the rhetoric of the day. Down the memory hole it went.

How do we fight the pull of the memory hole? How do we keep the truth from being hopelessly obscured, rewritten and abused?

Write about it.

Keep a journal. Write a blog. Post an article. It doesn’t matter how good your writing is. What matters is that you write the truth. Quote conservatives whenever possible, as often as possible. Condemn them with their own words. Write it, save it and never forget.

In thirty years, conservatives WILL say they always supported equal rights for homosexuals.

In thirty years, when Hispanics are on parity with, or exceed, the white population, conservatives WILL say they always supported immigration reform.

In thirty years, when climate change is undeniable, conservatives WILL say they always supported environmental legislation.

They will be lying then just as they lie now. They will try to change history textbooks to reflect their lies just as they are doing now. They will publish book after book after book filled with “facts” and they will be wrong just as they are now. It’s up to us to make sure our friends and family remember what really happened no matter how hard it may be for them to hear it.

It may not be in our Constitution but it is just as vital to our liberty.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

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7 thoughts on “Down The Conservative Memory Hole Or ‘How I Learned To Only Remember How AWESOME America Is!’

  1. Uhmmm… One small point. If you make an error in an article (internment camps) don’t you know that you don’t CORRECT the error and APOLOGIZE. You REPEAT THE MISINFORMATION and ATTACK the person who drew it to your attention. Duh!!!

  2. drkeri on said:

    Here’s another memory lapse: conservatives don’t remember how frequently throughout history that both they and liberals have compromised for the sake of the nation or — unthinkable — been on the same page. Who was the President who called for those guilty of waterboarding Filipinos to be court-martialed? Republican Teddy Roosevelt. TR also forced coal mining companies to agree to mediation when miners went on strike in 1902. The Social Security Act of 1935 passed the House with 372 yeas and 33 nays. In 1965, Medicare passed was created with Republicans divided almost evenly in both houses. The EPA was proposed by Richard Nixon in 1970. In 1971, the joint resolution favoring ratification of the ERA passed the House 354:24 and the Senate 84:8.

    So hey, Republicans, you don’t actually have to be complete cockblockers to progress in order to be true to your history!

  3. Reblogged this on While you were sleeping and commented:
    Nobody ever said it better than this…

  4. Simply the best (you are)!

  5. Why do you hate us? Asking us repeatedly to ‘listen’ to Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and Fox News? I would rather be Water Boarded.

  6. LiberalCommieHippie on said:

    Small comfort: on my side of the pond (Britain and the Netherlands) they’re not one whit better. Unbelievable, the stunts they pull; and get away with.

    In Britain the Chancellor of the Exchequer just LOWERED the tax rate for the top income bracket at the same time as cutting Social Security and NHS spending, can you believe that?

    And in the Netherlands the populists held the coalition government to ransom for 7 weeks over negotiations to balance the budget and when they’d practically clinched it, said “Oh well, we’ve reconsidered, we’re not gonna do it after all.” Turned round and, of course, claimed it was all the government’s fault. The awful thing is, people believe them, because they say the things people want to hear. Truth be damned.
    I sometimes despair of the human race.

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