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Sleepy Time Thought: I Pick On A Fox News Conservative 4/22/2012

I know I should feel bad about verbally beating my father-in-law to a pulp but he is just such an easy target and he really does invite this on himself on a regular basis.

Today’s ass-whupping came when he asked why I would vote for Obama over Mitt Romney, I wasn’t really in the mood for it at first so I just said “Because he’s black, isn’t that why all liberals voted for him?” It’s possible he thought I was serious but after I pointed out that Mitt has not a single core value of his own he asked who I would have picked from the GOP lineup. I told him Jon Huntsman because he was the only candidate with the balls to say that any Republican that denies evolution and climate change are idiots.

We had a short argument about climate change until I slapped with my new favorite argument: the hole in the ozone layer. Not only does it prove humans can affect the atmosphere on a large scale but that we can do it very quickly, in less than 50 years. He continued to argue but I shut it down when he said “I don’t read as much stuff about this as you do but what you’re saying is not true.” If you know (far, far, FAR) less than I do but insist that I am wrong despite not having any evidence to the contrary, we are not having a real conversation or an honest debate.

So we moved on to health care costs and after twenty minutes of back and forth in which I kept pushing him to admit the consequences of his belief that people should be “responsible for themselves no matter what” I nailed him to the wall.

He was going on about how he shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s health care bla bla bla. I responded with the “what about the children of parents that can’t afford health care?” “They should get a better job!” “How? If they can’t afford health care, how they afford college to get a better job? What about single mothers?” “Well, how did they end up a single mother? Did they give birth out of wedlock?”

Holy crap it was like he was giving me the go ahead to crush him.

“Sure, let’s they got knocked up. They don’t deserve help?” “No, they shouldn’t have gotten pregnant.” “Ah, so you’re saying that the  children of parents that make mistakes should be punished?” “Well, it’s not my fault…” “Yes or no, are you saying that the children of parents who make a mistake should be punished for those mistakes, yes or no?” “Yes.” “OK, as long as you’re willing to admit it, out loud, that you think children deserved to be punished for being born.” The extremely uncomfortable look on his face was beyond priceless.

And then he suddenly remembered he had to make a phone call, I shit you not, and when he was done, we weren’t discussing politics anymore.

This is the perfect example of how conservatives do not tie their own thinking to its real world consequences. It’s all so black and white and the harm they inflict on others is for the “greater good.” It’s easy as long as they don’t have to deal with the people they abandon or admit that they don’t care. It’s so much harder to defend when the bottom line is that you believe children should suffer.

This is why conservatives lie about EVERYTHING they do. It’s too painful to admit, even to themselves. This also why you should engage them whenever possible. Getting them to admit their core inhumanity out loud (or online) serves to make them confront the uncomfortable truth about themselves AND it lets unaligned people see what the right truly stands for. It’s a win-win.

Today was an awesome day.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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4 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Thought: I Pick On A Fox News Conservative 4/22/2012

  1. Huntsman in 2016. I would love an Obama/Huntsman ticket in 2012.

  2. Sahm Ataine King on said:

    Sir, I had to give a standing ovation for this one…at least, in my head. This was an awesome read. I think I’m going to try out your argument next time I engage one of them. Nice.

  3. Huntsman had one of the better lines in one of the debates – ‘I am an American first, than a Republican’

    I paraphrased as I can’t remember the exact statement. This was when he was attacked for working in the Obama administration. I have always wondered why the GOP ignored their better candidates for the nut jobs.

  4. I’m sorry your father in law doesn’t have a firm standing in what he believes, or isn’t rehearsed in defending it. From your own text : ““Sure, let’s they got knocked up. They don’t deserve help?” “No, they shouldn’t have gotten pregnant.” “Ah, so you’re saying that the children of parents that make mistakes should be punished?”” — No I’m saying the parents of those children now have to deal with the consequences of THEIR actions. The children are stuck in a situational crossfire which nobody (namely their parent[s]) want to take responsibility for. THAT is where the problem lies; there are plenty of adoption options and government run programs out there (the common rebuttal is ‘oh but those programs are terrible’… and my refute is this one you’re suggesting is too) But somehow these options are overlooked because these children are used for tax breaks, food stamps, and it looks like now the possibility for free health care too one day at the cost of the society! (Yes I’m making a blanket statement and not all fall under this, but as a general whole…) I’m sorry you feel so convicted by this situation. My advice for you is to go adopt some kids, 5-7 or so, whatever stretches your budget, and then I would have to suggest you’re a bad person if you wouldn’t consider adopting 4-5 more… But wait! You can’t afford them? but you should do it anyways even if it will bankrupt you in time… these children are innocent and don’t deserve what they have. Sir the children are not the problem, they are the collateral damage to the decisions their parents have failed to properly make and who have no repercussions for. Instead we the society are going to bail them out and “help them” by enabling them to do whatever they want and not have to be at the blunt end of their choices. I’m sorry your logic is completely flawed, especially if you yourself are not drowning in adopted children… How dare you suggest I financially support the society indirectly on a conviction of guilt when you yourself have not directly burdened yourself with adopted children into bankruptcy. How can you sleep with yourself at night… “sleepy time thought”….I’m just surprised you as a liberal are fighting for the children in this situation; yet if they are unborn your same liberal agenda is for the MOTHER/PARENT to have a “choice” on whether or not the life is worth keeping… and at what repercussion is that? … oh yes – the innocent child is sacrificed… At least get your ridiculous agenda congruent with itself. Make a choice, are you supporting the choices of the parent? or the innocents of the child?…

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