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Words Of Wisdom: Diane (Last Name Unknown)

While replying to a troll complaining that the EPA was “out of control, Diane said:

An “out of control EPA?” Where is the fine line where “in control” begins — when our drinking water only makes you sick once a week?

I wish I had thought of that!

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3 thoughts on “Words Of Wisdom: Diane (Last Name Unknown)

  1. Hey, that was me :-))) I had given up thinking anybody ever reads anything I post online (I’ll post now using my fb account so you can see I’m real…)

    Btw, you’ve got a much better knack for dealing with conservative whackos than I do. My liberal-leaning cousin received another one of those dumb viral anti-Obama emails from his conservative “friend,” he forwarded it to me and a few others in his address book, very explicitly asking him “Your rhetoric is that of paranoid delusions…Is this a race issue with you? Where is this level of hate coming from?” And then I hit “respond to all” with the following:


    Maybe your Republican friend can explain to me why his party has introduced 916 anti-woman bills in the past year alone. Among my favorites:

    * We have to submit to a transvaginal ultrasound if we are raped and in need of an abortion in Virginia
    * We have to carry a dead fetus to term in Georgia
    * We can be fired by our employer for taking contraception in Arizona
    * We can expect to not be paid the same salary for doing the same job as a man in Wisconsin

    And, yes, these are all laws passed by Republicans.
    Care to explain to this dumb Democratic woman?

    Btw, there are many nice third-world countries with no functioning government or semblance of society (aka socialism), why doesn’t your friend just move there and be happy rather than bring the US down to that level? Somalia comes to mind, a true Republican “every man for himself” paradise (I’d like to see how long he’d last — and let’s see if that “lord” he references comes to his aid then)…


    Here’s his response (just to me): “See this is what you want! The government controlling your health care. Be happy!”

    I replied to him in a message to everyone in the address list, “I didn’t expect an intelligent response, and I wasn’t disappointed.” Again, he resent the above comment. So I gave up. It truly is a lost cause.

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