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The ‘Liberal’ Media Strikes Again

I cannot WAIT for traditional media to die a painful death after it slides into well-deserved irrelevance. ThinkProgress put out a short blurb today: 

With friends like these, who needs negative campaign ads? While a friendly press in the tank for President Obama may fit nicely into the right’s narrative of liberal bias in the press, a new study from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism shows that of all the presidential candidates during this election cycle, President Obama has had the least favorable coverage by the news media. Since January, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has actually enjoyed twice as much positive coverage as President Obama.

The second I read this, my blood pressure went up. Why? Because the press doesn’t “like” Mitt Romney like they did John McCain. The press fawned over McCain for being a “maverick” even as he pissed on his own legacy. The press also does not dislike President Obama the way they intensely disliked Al Gore. The “Al Gore claims he invented the internet” meme alone is proof that the press hated his guts.

So what’s with the coverage? Frakkings ratings! This is the same reason the “liberal” media has turned away from actual journalism and embraced “he said/she said” uncritical regurgitating reporting. It makes for better TV when the race is close so they’ll artificially inflate the weakest Republican candidate in a generation to make it seem like he’s a true contender instead of accurately reporting on how terrible he is. Every other report on John Kerry had the words “flip-flop” in them, but for Romney, who has literally flip-flopped within 24 hours? Nothing.

And this is why I do not watch the news or read the newspaper anymore.


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