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Sleepy Time Thought: The UK Double Dip Recession 4/25/2012

Conservatives in England must be celebrating tonight now that they’ve pushed the UK back into a recession. They savagely cut social programs and fired government workers all willy-nilly. They got pretty much everything they wanted: a smaller government that was supposed to save the economy. Shockingly, it didn’t. You cannot drain that much money from a struggling economy without consequences. But of course, that was the whole point, wasn’t it? First, blame the recession on social programs and bloated government instead of the banks. Second, enact harsh austerity measures that hurt the poor and middle class while preserving the perks and bonuses for the rich because they need that money to “save the economy.” Third, after the economy worsens, pretend that the austerity measures were actually working but something else dragged the economy down and you’re only going to reverse some of the austerity measures against your better judgement. Fourth, as the easing of austerity leads to slow recovery, claim that austerity worked after all and it would be foolish to fully restore the social safety net.

What you are left with is a weakened middle class, the poor are devastated, the safety net is frayed and the rich skate away laughing.

Why do you think Republicans are pushing for those same austerity measures here in the US? This is their modus operandi: take control of the government, explode the deficit, bloat the bureaucracy, blame liberal policies for the damage when they lose control and then demand “fiscal responsibility” that just happens to only target progressive social programs. Rinse, repeat. They’ve been doing this for decades.

If the Occupy movement hadn’t derailed their agenda by wresting control of the dialogue away from the right, we might be suffering the same fate as Britain right now.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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One thought on “Sleepy Time Thought: The UK Double Dip Recession 4/25/2012

  1. Theres’ no doubt about it in my mind Justin Rosario, you filthy liberal scum…

    I have read ALL your writings and postings on this blog and have e-mail subscribed so that I do not miss a single one you post. I have kept your very best writings as a reminder why I have taken the political stance I have and still do. Indeed, especially those postings of your’s that directly pertain to me, family, friends, associates and my own private issues that are of great concern to me, etc.

    I think you and your political insights coupled with your particular type of writing style that comes at us ‘straight from the hip’ like a drawn .45 peacemaker at a gun fight in Dodge City is and will remain among some of the best political and social issues writing I have ever had the pleasure of reading. As I would have it, required reading and essays to be written by freshmen in reply to the text, in any political science and social problems class at any university, nationwide.

    No, not patronizing or trying to ‘blow yer dress up’, Justin , just tellin you like it is.

    I really do appreciate to a great degree your continuing efforts to ‘talk’ to the American people about all these political issues you address and these most grave national consequences we’re facing today in this ‘down’ economy we’re having to ‘make do’ with.

    Please do not take offense when I tell you this ‘out in the open’ and ‘in public’, Justin Rosario, from one writer to another, I Love You…I Thank You….for providing me with all I have ever had need of to better understand why I follow my heart and not my head in things that matter most to me in life. It goes without saying, we’re in full agreement and I have yet to find a written piece of your political positions, text, etc. that I have not givin your work ‘full concurrance’.

    Coming from me, that, is really ‘special’ because you, of so many authors, books, text and materials I have read, studied, critiqued, edited, etc, are the ONLY present day, active writer that I have given ‘cum laude’ to…….yup, thats’ right.

    Being the non-traditional female (touchy feelee sensative ‘warm fuzzy’ type) college student that I am and having made all ‘A’s in my general ed. English Comp. I,II,III classes (@ Oklahoma State University, Stillwater,Oklahoma) I can say with all honesty that you deserve public recognition for this really fine work and your persistant devotion to making ‘right’, the master of might’ and in some way, some how, some day, maybe right after President Obama wins re-election in November,the GOP loses the House of Reps and seats in the Senate to boot, then, perhaps we can pass around the salutatory wine and acolades, well deserved.

    In the meantime, may I help you with editing ? I do run into some minor errors in your writing procedure in your getting your best ideas and thoughts put down in the best way possible. DO let me help you with that ?…so that you’ll be at your very finest.

    Writing is art and like a painter, we are appealing to the senses of the beholder.

    You do it well, let me help you be at your very finest.

    Can we discuss this ? I am at… Feel free to get in touch with me and will ‘talk’ ?

    Many blessings be your’s Justin Rosario…you filthy liberal scum.

    Karla Golay, in Oregon, another cesspool of filthy liberal scum, just reeking in it.

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